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Lord Howe Island – An Australian Luxury Getaway

Australia does not have many notable luxury getaways compared to most of their overseas counterpart. Though there are many unique boutique hotels and retreats and a few standout destinations that surely rings a bell, like the Whitsunday Islands.

Australia is not just about the friendly cities, sandy beaches and an array of bustling inland activities. There are destinations in Australia that do boast stunning landscapes other than the shores of Bondi Beach, complex architecture of the Opera House or the towering Harbour bridge. There are notable luxury getaways all over Australia that can match their overseas counterpart for those that seek something a bit more unique or romantic.

One getaway destination that is within reach from New South Wales is Lord Howe Island. It is simply the definition of paradise for those that want to unwind and retreat away from reality. A World Heritage listing, this tiny island does not disappoint.

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Discover Lord Howe Island

Just east of Port Macquarie NSW, Lord Howe Island lies between Australia & New Zealand. Flights from both Sydney and Brisbane is only 2 hours from major airports. Flights during peak season could cost around $1200 for a return ticket, while off peak can be around $600. Keep an eye out for any Lord Howe Island packages from time to time and you may score a steal! Occasionally charter boat services are also available. This small island only has a population of 350 locals, with the main transport being by foot or bicycle. The locals push for preservation, so the beauty of the island is kept unspoilt, this is the natural drawcard for most.

There are 28 islands surrounding the area in this sub-tropical climate, with warm summers and regular rain. The best time to visit the island for dry season is typically November to April. Though this luxury getaway can be quite expensive, off-peak deals can be quite affordable.

Although, there are no mobile phone service on this National Treasure, it favours those that seek a holiday that is free from crowds and unspoilt surrounds. But don’t underestimate, as this crescent shaped island is full of things to do to keep you entertained.

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Lord Howe Island Activities

With an abundance of plants, birds and marine life, with some being unique to the ecosystem, visitors can wildlife watch as well as sightsee. Along the west coast of the island there are sandy yet pristine beaches with coral reef lagoons that makes it perfect for snorkelling and world-class scuba diving. With possible sights of dolphins, marlins and turtles in the clear cool waters.

Ned’s beach is an attraction that is an absolute must for pristine clear water and a unique encounter with marine life. These colourful fish are super friendly and will be instantly surround you waiting to be hand-fed. Along this beach visitors may also kayak and paddleboard, surf and enjoy a lovely barbecue by the shore with a unique backdrop.

Guests can challenge Mt Gower and hike to the summit, and see the wondrous sights of the tallest mountain that Lord Howe Island has on offer and take in the amazing uplifting views. This hike is graded to be one of the hardest walks in Australia as well as one of the greatest. In spite of the many ranges and mountainous terrains – climbing or any of the sort is not allowed on the island. Other outstanding hikes and trails are to Kim’s post and Malabar Hill.

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There are still loads of other Lord Howe activities and attractions that the locals and visitors alike can participate in. Lawn bowls, tennis, boating tours, golf, bushwalking, yachting, windsurfing and kitesurfing are recently a portion of the great exercises that can fill in the time and gaps. Fishing is also popular here with unique marine life it is a great place for the fishing enthusiast. Despite the fact that the tiny island has close to 350 local people, there are still great events all year around.

Along with the brilliant attractions that are offered in an astounding setting, there are superb food and wine that can attract any type of guest.

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Just Paradise

With a limited range of accommodation options, Lord Howe Island can in any case cater for generally any sort of guests. Convenience ranges from 5 star luxury resorts, apartments and ravishing villas. However no camping is permitted on the island. Though the views from these rooms already showcases a gorgeous natural garden within reach. Some resorts will even pack and bring out picnic / barbecue settings for you to enjoy. Rooms can range from $180 to an extravagant $1500 per night.

There are simply gorgeous hotels and villas that makes it a great retreat, and with day spa packages available it is a lifestyle of tranquility and seclusion. The day will be filled with an abundant amount of exciting activities while the evening you will retreat to the room and enjoy the lavish accommodation. A holiday like this will be one to be remembered. A one week stay would be enough, but you would wish you could stay longer!

This luxury getaway is typically great for newlyweds and retirees but also perfect for those that want to relax, unwind and partake in activities at their own pace. Though book in advance as this island only allows a maximum of 400 tourist at any one time. Lord Howe Island is one of Australia’s greatest underrated luxury holiday destination.

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