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Lahmacun Turkish Pizza Food

Lahmacun Turkish Pizza Food

In a country where pizza is a little expensive, I have been putting myself over with what has come to be called “Turkish Pizza” or lahmacun, which means “dough with meat” in Arabic.

This is basically dough with spices and meat baked on top of it. Prior to eating, you add tomatoes, onions, and cilantro and then roll it up into a wrap.

Lahmacun seems to be a mix between a pizza, a taco, and a baked pita wrap.

One order sells for around 1.5 Lira, or 1 USD and is very common all through Turkey.

I must say that this is one of my favorite foods in Turkey.

Video of Lahmacun preparation

Lahmacun is often folded in half and then you unfold it and add condiments and then roll it up before eating.

Lahmacun Turkish food.

Turkish pizza.

Lahmacun being served at a Turkish dinner party.

Turkish friends eating lahmacun.

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Lahmacun Turkish Pizza Food

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