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Should I Bring a Knife to Israel?

Did the Israel border give you any problems bringing your knife in the country?

Good on you, Albert!

It is good to hear from you again, and I am especially happy that you will soon be starting your journey around the world.

Swiss Army Knife

To answer your question, no, we were not given any problems bringing knives into Israel at the border. The Israelis checked our bags with an x-ray machine, but they did not give us any flak about the 6-inch Bedouin knife in Chaya’s rucksack. I really would not worry too much about it. But I also would not recommended not bringing a knife that is sentimental or expensive, as I suppose that there is a possibility that it could be confiscated.

Even if your knife does present you with a bit of a problem, I do not think that it would pan out too horribly . . . well, unless the Israelis do not want to let you into their country for other reasons and use the knife as an excuse. The worse that I assume could happen is that they take if from you and send you on your way. In my experience of crossing from Jordan and Egypt to Israel, the border officials tend to be pretty friendly.

Traveler with machete

I remember one time I got caught flying into Hong Kong with a big machete in my bag. I cleared customs without difficulty, but then I left my bag in storage at the airport and it set off their x-ray machines. The baggage storage people called the police and everything . . . but the police just sort of looked at me funny and wrote up a half-ass report before sending me on my way.

I just told them that I was an archaeologist and that I needed to carry a machete around with me for work.

Don’t worry about carrying the knife through Israeli immigration. You can always just ditch it and buy a new one if carrying it ever makes you feel uncomfortable.

Keep me updated on your travels!

Walk Slow,


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Original question about traveling with a knife to Israel

Hello Wade.

Hope you are doing well.    I see that you are in Israel at the moment. I am following in your footsteps from the 2nd of August going to Turkey first and then also Israel.  The question I have for you concerns getting your knife into Israel.  I read on your website that you always carry a hunting knife with you.  Did the Israel border give you any problems bringing your knife in the country?  The reason I ask is because I want to take a knife on my travels but heard that no knife is allowed to be brought into Israel.  If you overcome this problem please let me know how.

Enjoy your trip mate.



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