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Keep Blogging – Letter to the Editor

Hey Wade,
After being so caught up in my own troubles I haven’t checked your site for ages. But when I got around to it I see that you’ve just had a “wobble” and I just wanted to say hi and let you know that you would be sorely missed if you decided to give up on the website. I had one back in 2003, and I gave up as it was far too much hard work for my liking. And I regret it. I’d have so much material now, I could write a few books. Not that anybody would read them lol….
Your style is wonderful, the content unfailingly interesting and your personality shines through each post. I’m going through a wobble myself and I often think of you, battling on travelling even though you have a wife and a child, and you haven’t given up on your dreams.
So this is just to say that I, for one, think your site is totally fab and it gives me a boost whenever I become a bit unsure of the path I’ve decided to take in life.
Take care and have a great time in AZ. I worked on Lake Powell for a while and got to know Flagstaff quite a bit. It’s got me thinking of all those times. And I loved your post about the English girl, I know exactly the type you mean. I think I was probably her myself many years ago.


Reply from the editor

Hello Heidi,

Thank you so much for this email. It really helped out a lot and provided some reassurance when it was much needed.

Whatever wobble you are now going through I know that you will come out the other side of it. I suppose you do not have much of a choice in this haha. Just remember that you don’t have to care about anything that you don’t want to care about and everybody else in the world is stupid and this is normal and OK and you can just let it all be and walk away. There is a big world with an infinite numbers of paths, if the lilly pad your sitting on sucks there is a pond full of lilly pads to choose from.

I wish you the best, and hope that everything is well by the time your receive this.



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