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Justin Catania New Illustrator of Vagabond Journey

A new wind of talent just blew into Vagabond Journey.com.

It is a wind that comes through the hands of man who plies an ancient craft within the turning wheels of modern time; it is a wind that is pent up inside the slender frame of one of the most amazing artists that I have ever met in the world.

I am very excited to announce that the Brooklyn based woodblock print artist, Justin Catania, has begun topping off the articles and travelogue entries of vagabondjourney.com with his illustrations.

Justin is a patient carver of wood in an age of high-speed-everything; he is a plier of an ancient art but does so with the senses of his own time: his methods are archiac, but his products are living, breathing, here and now.

Justin’s art acts as a hinge between the old world and the new, as he lives his own time while singing an ancient song.

In point, he is a man who can take a chunk of a tree and turn it into something beautiful — something that will you gasp and ponder.

I am honored that we will now be riding down this river together.

Lets see where it goes.

Justin Catania Woodblock print artist interview
Justin on Vagabond Journey.com
Indian woodcarver article with Justin’s Illustrations

Illustrations by Justin Catania for Vagabond Journey

Rough draft for the article Journey through the Ancient: Woodcarvers in Indian

Vagabond Journey illustration by Justin Catania

Justin Catania Illustrates for Vagabond Journey

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