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Jet Blue Flight from Rochester to JFK

Jet Blue Flight from Rochester to JFK

Two women- mother and daughter- are sitting behind me on this Jet Blue flight to JFK. The mother is thin, around 40 years old, adorned in makeup and other beautifing elements, and was probably attractive at one time. The daughter is a little fat, barely 21, and has eyes that are spread widely apart like a goat. They both have dangly, gold earrings and big mouths.

“Remember when we were on that flight to Mexico? Remember when that stewardess hit me in the head with a book? That bitch just had to wait until we got off the plane for me to kick her ass ” the daughter yelled in her best ghetto accent (they were caucasian, by the way).”She just didn’t like me singing my rap music,” she continued.

They are very loud. Everyone on the plane can hear them yelling and singing.

“We go’in to NuYo City ,” They yell. “All we need is a shot of Tequilla and it would be like we go’in to Mexico ”

“Ay Ay Ay ,” they yell in unison. The daughter is now screaming the rap music that is being pumped into her ears from headphones. I found myself wishing that I our stewardess would follow suite and find a book to hit her in the head with.

The sad part is that I know it would only make her sing her rap music louder.

They are loud and just seem to be a little stupid. The old lady with white hair that is sitting next to me thought so too. We shared a disgruntled look of solidarity and then got off the plane.

I stood in the baggage claim area listening to the mother and daughter talk about everything they were going to do in New York City. They do not have any shame. I find myself watching them in admiration: A beat mother and a rude daughter take on NYC armed with loud mouths, profanity, and rap music, while leaving a trail of pissed off people in their wake.

The USA produces some interesting characters.

Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
Mexico City, Mexico
January 19, 2008

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Vagabond Fieldnotes.com

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