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Jet Blue Baggage Fees

Jet Blue Airways Baggage Policy

Checked Baggage Prices

First Bag: Free

Second Bag: $35
Third Bag: $75

Checked luggage size restrictions

All checked bags must not exceed 62” (157.48 cm) in overall dimensions (length + width + height) and cannot exceed 50 pounds (22.73 kilos)
Overweight and size bags may be accepted depending on availability
Fees are as follows
51–70 pounds (31.82 kilos): $50 per bag
71–99 pounds (45 kilos): $100 per bag
63–80 inches (203.2 centimeters): $75 per bag
(Bags larger than 80 inches will not be accepted)

Carry-On Bags

Each passenger is allowed a piece of carry on luggage and a personal item such as purse or laptop.
The personal item must not exceed 18″l (45.72 cm) x 15″w (38.1 cm) x 8″h (20.32 cm) in order to fit under the seat in front of you.
The carry on bag must not exceed the following dimensions
for the Airbus A320: 26” l (66 cm) x 18” w (45.72 cm) x 12” h (30.48 cm)
for the EMBRAER 190: 24” l (60.96 cm) x 16” w (40.64 cm) x 10” h (25.4 cm)


Bicycyles are accepted to all destinations except to/from the Dominican Republic. Bicycles are accepted either in a hard sided padded case designed for bicycyle air travel or wrapped in plastic foam in a cardboard or other such box with the handlebars secured to the side and pedals removed.They count as one piece of checked luggage and in addition incur the following fees:
Domestic flights: $50
International flights: $80

Bicycles will not be charged an overweight fee in addition to this, but must still observe the maximum weight restriction of 99 pounds.
Note: If the bike in its box is less than 62 dimensional inches and under 50 lbs, you will not be charged a bike fee.

Children’s baggage fees

If traveling with a lap infant, you may also bring a carry on diaper bag. For all children, one stroller (to be checked or gate checked) and one car seat (checked or gate checked). The car seat does not count against you as a checked bag, but any other infant items such as portable crib or playpen, will. Infants that fly for free do not get a checked luggage allowance.

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