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Istanbul Ferry or Bus to Bursa

Leaving Istanbul by Ferry or Bus to Bursa

When you can no longer find anything to take a photo of, you know that it is time to be traveling on.

I think that I have traveled out Istanbul. It is time to leave. I find myself walking through these streets with my camera securely neglected and lonely in its holster. I am not here for study, I am not here for shopping, and I outrightly failed at finding employment.

There is not another reason for me to be in this city.

Rain has fallen upon Istanbul about every day that I have been here, which is the perfect weather for working on a travelogue, but not for enjoying a city. I entered Istanbul in the rain, but a look out of the window decries that I may be leaving in the shinning rays of a warm sunny day.
Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
in Istanbul, Turkey- March 12, 2009
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Click on map to view route. Regional map

Traveling on

Through a connection from Cihan and Craig from Travelvice.com, a couchsurfing host by the name of Osa offered Chaya and I her abode for the weekend. I think it would be good to get out of Istanbul and on to Anatolia.

Two ways to Bursa from Istanbul: ferry or bus.

I am currently weighing my options on how to get to Bursa from Istanbul

Option A: by sea

If I was to go to the Yenikapi ferry port (Yenikapi Feribot Terminali) in the Eminönü district of Istanbul, I could get a boat to Bursa’s ferry port at Yalova and then transfer to a bus to get into the city (50 km) and then to a taxi to get to Osa’s apartment. It is looking as if this 2.5 hour trip would cost around 30 Lira ($20) a person. This is a lot of money, but considering that we are being offered a free place to live for four nights, this cost should be diluted.

Option B: by land

I could take a bus straight from Istanbul to Bursa for 10 Euro ($12), and, I am assuming, walk to Osa’s apartment.

It is looking as if the bus may be a better option.

I can travel to Bursa from Istanbul by sea or land.

Regional map of western Turkey.

Happy to get back out on the road again.

With pockets as light as my heart.

Turkish Motorcycle Traveler
Arrival in Istanbul Turkey

Turkey Travel Planner- Istanbul to Bursa
Travel from Istanbul to Bursa

Leaving Istanbul by Ferry or Bus to Bursa

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