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Howsar Quick Lock Review

Howsar – Temporary Door Lock

The Howsar Quick Lock is a device to lock a door from the inside for additional security. It can be used to compliment the lock that is already on the door or in place of a lock for a door that is missing one altogether. This little gadget is truly a travel essential.

Our review of the Howsar Quick Lock

Have you ever found yourself adopting the hover position when visiting a foreign toilet? We’ve all been there, a touch of the “New Dheli Belly”, you rush into a cubicle only to find the lock is broken, and so you adopt the classic position of one hand against the back of the door and one against the wall to brace yourself. If only you had a third hand for the paper!

How about a sleepless night in a hostel because the lock is missing and the only way you can get some sleep is after arranging your pack so you can use it as a pillow so you know it won’t go “walkies” in the middle of the night?

Howsar - Temporary Door Lock

Thanks to the folks at Howsar the solution is here. It’s called the Quick Lock and is brilliantly simple and well designed, and can be used to secure a door in mere seconds. Made from lightweight toughened Nylon with no metal parts to provide entertainment to bored airport security staff when you passed through the scanners. Its so simple to use and should work on any inward opening door with a handle, so should be suitable for most toilet/hotel/hostel doors. It’s far easier to show how it works than to explain, so check out the video below.

Video of Howsar Quick Lock

As you can see, the Howsar Quick Lock is very easy to use and the best part is that when you’re finished simply remove it and move on. There’s no damage to the door so you won’t be upsetting anyone, and the lock is also surprising strong for what is essentially two pieces of plastic. Unless the door itself is completely knocked off its hinges the Howsar lock should provide an excellent deterrent to anyone trying to enter.

Howsar have done a really good job with this innovative little gadget. Its reasonably priced at £4.99, sturdy enough for the job but lightweight enough so that you won’t regret packing it and is well designed, right down to the little cord that keeps the two parts together when the lock isn’t in use.

In summary, the Howsar Temporary Door Lock is now firmly on my packing list, even if you only use it once on each trip it’s well worth the investment and should prevent further “hovering” or “sleepless night” incidents!

Available on Amazon here or direct from the manufacturer here

*Gear provided for review by the manufacturer. To have your Travel Gear reviewed on Vagabond Journey Travel contact us.

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