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How to Travel Jordan to Egypt

Hello Craig,

Man, we had a hell of a go getting from Jordan to Cairo. I highly – HIGHLY – recommend flying from Amman if you want to visit Petra. It would probably be cheaper than either the ferry/ overland route or the
road through Israel.

The reason: visa fees, exit fees, border zone exit fees, crooked taxi drivers, and moderately priced buses.

This is a wrap up of our expenses getting from Aqaba in Jordan to Cairo. All prices are per person except taxi fares.

Jordan exit fee- 5 dinar, $7
Metered taxi from Israeli border to Eilat- 40 sheckles, $10
Egyptian visa- $15
Metered taxi to Egyptian border $8 (was given counterfeit change, so the expense was really greater, there is a bus for 5 sheckles, but, as I will explain below, we had to move quick and could not wait for it.)
Israeli exit tax- 94 sheckles per person, $25
Egyptian border zone exit tax- $15
Minibus to Cairo- $15 (much less than what other people paid, the drivers are crooks beyond what you would expect.

There is a big bus that goes from the border to Cairo that costs $13 but their are only a couple a day at 9 am and 4:30 pm)

Minimum total cost per person: around $95 with an immense hassle.

Keep in mind that the fucking negligent guidebooks say that you can get a visa for Egypt at the border but this is not true. The land borders only give out entry stamps that are good for Sinai, not the rest of Egypt.  We learned this the hard way. We crossed out of Israel and went to Egypt and then got turned back at the border for not having a visa. I even implied to bribe the fuckers and it did not

We then had to cross back into Israel with Syrian/ Iraq stamps in our passports-  not fun – just to go back into Eilat to get an Egyptian visa and go back to the border.

Have fun in Israel, the weather is beautiful there.


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