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How Much Money to Travel in Ukraine

Ukraine, like many countries has the potential to be fairly cheap or fairly expensive. If you want to travel quickly, staying in fairly nice hotels and eating out in nice restaurants you may find that Ukraine is more expensive than you would have thought. But, like any country, there are cheap ways to visit.

The best example is in the price of hotels. Hotels on the whole are totally overpriced in Ukraine. A good hotel in Kiev will cost $100 a night, and in the countryside $50 a night. Former Soviet style hotels with shared bathrooms will still cost $15 a night. However, if you want to rent an apartment or a room in someone’s house, you can rent a one bedroom apartment for $350 per month in Kiev, $150-$250 in the countryside.

Similarly, eating out in Kiev or Odessa can be pretty expensive. However, if you buy local food products and cook for yourself it is fairly cheap. There are also basic cafeteria style restaurants where you can get meals for $4 and up. The cost of a local beer in Ukraine is about $.50 and a bottle of vodka is $2-$30.

Public transportation is still relatively cheap. A metro subway ride in Kiev costs $.20 and a minibus about $.25. You can also buy metro passes for a month which are only $11. Long distance travel prices have risen recently, but a train ride all the way across the country will still only be about $30.

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