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How Much Does it Cost to Travel in Colombia

How Much Money do I Need to Travel in Colombia?

Colombia is currently expensive for South America, more expensive than Argentina, but less than Brazil, I havent visited Chile so dont know how it compares to that.

I spent about 250USD a week, but spent more a couple of times.

Rough costs (using the current exchange rate of about 2000 to 1USD):

Hostel dorm bed from 15000-25000 colombian pesos, about 7.50 -12.50 USD a night.

Cheap hotel rooms go for 25,000 to 50,000 pesos, $12.50 to $25 per night.

Eating, cheap menu del dia, 6000, 3 USD, expensive restaurant 20000-30000, 10-15 USD.

A cheap beer from 2000, 1 USD a bottle upwards.

A pop or soda in a restaurant, about 1500, 75 cents.

Colombian currency

Buses are really expensive here, expect to pay around $4 per seat hour. But you can get cheap flights on popular routes with Aires, Copa or Avianca. Last december which is prime holiday time here, a bus from Bogota to the Carribean coast cost 130000, 65 USD which is about 19 hours, a flight can cost the same or less depending on the time and is only 90 mins.

In the cities transport is cheap, in Bogota a bus journey is 1400, 70 cents, a transmilienio 1700, 85 cents, and even a taxi is between minimum fare 3300, 1.65 USD, and only 12000, 6 USD for a daytime trip to the airport.

As for tourist stuff, last year the Cuidad Perdida trip was 250 USD, and no one I met could get it cheaper. That was the only big tour I did, and everything was included, food sleeping, etc so it was good value really.

Visas, I think most European, North American, and Australasian citizens get a free visa on arrival, if you want to extend it, it costs about 75,000, 40 USD, to extend it for a further 30 days.

Generally basic items here are cheap, food in a supermarket etc, but more luxuray items are more expensive, often the same price as Europe and North America. The prime example is going out for a beer, if you go to a cheap area of bogota, no bottle of beer costs more than 3000, 1.50 USD, If you go to Zona T the main upmarket nightlife area of the city, the same beer can cost 8000 or 10000, 4 or 5 USD, and if you want an imported beer, I saw one on a menu for 19000, 9.50 USD.

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How much money did you spend in Colombia?

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