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Hostel Life in Budapest

Hostel Life in Budapest

“To be free, you had to be alone, always, everywhere, and above all amongst people. . . Wandering and alone in a world in which he could always stay unknown, Orschanow was really free. He thought and acted as he wanted to, and no one could pretend to control his thoughts, since all he needed to do was to leave, at the first clash of views, and set off on the road again.”
-Passage from Isabelle Eberhardt’s Vagabond

A new group of people, another late night, 4 AM drunks trying in vain to find their beds, odd smells, international youths watching American sitcoms, me sitting in my bunk typing words, and the oft-occurring mystery of beautiful women making love to not so beautiful boys in bathrooms.

Hostel life in Budapest.
Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
in Budapest, Hungary- July 29, 2008
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I sit up in my dorm bunk like a bird perched in his nest. I can look out into the common area at strange looking strangers glued to the TV or I can look at last-night drunks with next-morning faces. These people will soon be gone from me, as if they never really existed at all.

Perhaps they are all just figments of my word scrawling, manic daydreams.

I can say anything, do anything, think anything, and if someone does not approve, I can just wander on to the next town or to the next group of people. Freedom from social obligation is one of the aspects of travel that I love most. I can be anybody.

But choose to be myself.

I can do anything.

But choose to do good.

The Open Road leads us to where we choose to go.

Whether we know it or not.

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Hostel Life in Budapest
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