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Hand Luggage Packing Only

The cost of travel fluctuates. Over the past few years, in many parts of the world, the cost of flights have gone up, but it has become easier to find cheaper accommodation.

Why this has happened is complicated. Fuel prices and airport taxes have gone up and those costs that have been passed onto the consumer. Yet, at the same time, private accommodation sites like Airbnb have emerged and are now helping people to find somewhere affordable to stay.
If you want to save money on your flights, a good way to do it is to use hand luggage only. Provided you pack carefully, you can easily fit everything you need into a cabin luggage sized case. To help you to do that I have put together a few tips.

Pack lightweight clothes

Whenever possible pack lightweight clothes, and items of clothing that can be used for more than one purpose. Swim shorts are a great example of what I mean. They are light, and can be rolled up and stuffed into a shoe or another otherwise unusable space, and are versatile. You can easily wear them for sunbathing or, on hot days, while seeing the sights.

Reversible clothing can also be a great way to fit more outfits into your case. Convertible clothes are good too. There are some great two in one shirts and trousers available in the shops. For women, there are dresses that can also be used as scarves or bags, as well as be worn as a dress. There is also a scarf available that can be turned into several styles of skirts and dresses.

Wash as you go

If you are prepared to wash your clothing out while on holiday, you only need to take three sets of underwear. This means that you wear one set, have one drying and always have a spare set to hand. The same applies to tops, you only need to take three t-shirts and maybe a long-sleeved shirt to wear in the evenings.

Minimise your shoe packing

The biggest mistake people make is packing too many pairs of shoes. They are bulky and heavy, so you really want to minimise the number you take.

Learn how to get more into a small space

Learning space saving packing techniques can help you to get far more into the same bag. Simple tips like rolling clothes instead of folding them, and packing heavy items at the bottom make a huge difference.

Be organised

If you are going to pack light your really need to as organised as possible. You need to think about what activities you are planning to enjoy while away and what you will need to wear. Listing what you need to wear for each activity will allow you to spot crossovers and reduce the number of clothing items you need to pack, and will make sure that you do not miss anything.

Pack well in advance

When you have limited space, it is very important to do your packing well in advance. If you struggle to fit everything in, you need the time to rethink things and maybe go out and buy alternative items.

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