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Green Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

It could be said that America is the land were religions come to get weird.

This is the birthplace of Mormonism, the land where Pentecostals speak in tongues and dance with snakes, where the ISKON cult first took hold, and the nation where Jehovah Witnesses frolic freely from door to door in search of converts who no longer feel up to celebrating holidays anymore.

This is all alright by America — well, mostly — as this land was founded on religious extremes. A quick look at the demographics of the early settlers on the continent reveals groups who needed a land of refuge, as their religious views were a touch too weird for Europe.

The right to be religiously weird is thoroughly entrenched in the very heart of every American — or at least I like to think that it is. It is almost difficult to meet someone in the countryside of this land who does not want to warn you about the Second Coming and fiery headed apocalypses. Talking of The End is a litmus test for new friends, a point of bonding by which you can find out where your new acquaintances stand.

This is all right by America — well, mostly — but this is something I have not seen before:

The Green Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church in Portland, Maine.

Perhaps this 18 syllable name is a little too much, even for America.

The Green Memorial African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church

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