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Google +1 Button on Vagabond Journey

Google +1 button on Vagabond Journey

If you notice at the bottom of this page there is a new social media button that says “+1.” This is a button which tells Google that you like this page, the impact of which has some sort of cryptic significance in their search results.

The Google +1 button looks like this:

Google +1 button is on the left

My interpretation of this button is that it is another move towards the internet being catered to serve the tastes of each individual user. If you use the internet, the pages that you view are, more than likely, being tracked on some level — whether it be at the IP level or “account” level after signing into email or social media sites. This is normal, this is the way that the internet works. It is my impression that Internet 2.0 will have search results ordered based upon projected user tastes. So a search that I do will produce a different set of results than a search that you do — sort of like search results are different dependent upon your location.

If you go to Vagabond Journey Travel and click the +1 button you tell Google that this is a page of “authority” for the keywords present on the page (as well as the search query you typed in to get here, if you enter through a search results page) as well as a way of saying, “I like pages like this.” Whereupon — or so it is my impression — similar pages will receive favor in your future searches. Google then puts this information into their algorithm, and, perhaps, will even favor the page for other visitors searching for similar information.

These +1 buttons also serve as a social media like system in which you will be able to see in search results the pages your friends and associates also like, and be able to navigate through the internet in accordance to the preferences of your virtual “tribe.” It is also my impression that your search results, more than likely, will be ordered upon the relevance determine by your “tribe.” So if five of your virtual associates “like” a particular pages, then a virtual assumption may be made that you may like it as well. So in the online world, like the real world, you are judged by the company you keep.

So clicking on the Plus 1 button is like putting on a virtual Vagabond Journey T-Shirt. You give an authoritative nod to my site and work towards its further branding. It is also a way of showing, in a small sense, that you are a virtual part of the Vagabond Journey tribe — which is shown to your broader online community.

Social media has presented a way to “data-tize” the way that the human animal interacts socially, and quantitative information is now available to show what every fool has known forever: birds of a feather tend to flock together.

I am presenting an ideal oversimplification of the future of the interent, and I have also taken some pretty large interpretive liberties. I have not read too much about this, and this is only my opinion — but it is my feeling that the writing is clearly written on the wall: the internet will soon be ordered to serve the individual user. No longer will search results just present general results for a general population, rather they will present pages that are specifically recommend for YOU based upon what you view on the internet as well as they virtual signals that you send.

I do not feel as if this is inherently good or bad, it is just the way that it is. If you don’t mind others knowing that you like Vagabond Journey Travel — if you don’t mind wearing our virtual T-shirt — please click on the +1 buttons near the bottom of each page on this site. Doing so will, ultimately, help VagabondJourney.com move into the future.

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