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Going to Nicaragua

Going to Nicaragua

I am standing on the verge of leaving another country. I am happy. I am very ready to leave Costa Rica. The Nicaraguans are dangerous I was told so many times here that I figure I may as well go to Nicaragua.

I also have work there. I really like having projects to do while traveling. I think it makes my life seem a little more regular, although I know it is a life less normal. I think that my mind is over active, I need projects to channel this over activity or else I would end up in the middle of Antarctica.

If I did not have projects, I know that I would be lost somewhere in Antarctica.

This website venture has been the biggest project that I have undertaken since the collecting of hockey cards when I was young. All day long I would sort, organize, and check the values of my hockey cards just to come up with some new organizational scheme and do it all over again the next day.

I think Vagabond Journey.com is very similar to my hockey card collection. Mira looked at me a few hours ago with a sort of awry look on her face.

“You can do that stuff all day long, can’t you?” she asked referring to the fact that I did sit in front of my computer and worked on the website all day long. I laughed as her question suddenly reminded me that I have always been like this, I have always been able to fully concentrate on something for days on end without becoming board. I did this for years with hockey cards. Now I do it with the Vagabond Journey.com site.

I decided to postpone my journey up to Ostional, Nicaragua for a couple of days to allow me to interview a Guatemalan revolutionary who had to seek refuge in Costa Rica. A magazine approved me to do another article for them, and I could not refuse.

The day after tomorrow I should be boarding a bus for the border. I was in Nicaragua in the summer of 2006. I would like to explore Nicaragua a little closer. But I do not wish to return to Managua.

That is for sure.

Romance is for the hills and rivers, not the cities.

Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
Barva, Costa Rica
February 10, 2008

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