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Eat Cigarettes to Get Rid of Intestinal Parasites

How to Get Rid of Intestinal Parasites – Eat Cigarettes —

How do you get rid of intestinal parasites?

Eat one to one and a half cigarettes. Apparently.

I came across this advice recently and had to check its validity. I searched across a few survival websites and checked some sources and this statement appears to stand: eating cigarettes, apparently, can rid a person of parasites.

Wade from www.VagabondJourney.com
Bangor, Maine, USA January 18, 2009
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I read that the nicotine in tobacco can change the environment of a person’s intestines enough to stun parasites for a long enough duration to be passed naturally.

It made a little sense anyway. All of the successful treatments that I have tried to remove parasites have been based in creating an uninhabitable intestinal environment: no sweets, lots of bitter. I took lots of herbs in China to these ends, and I would not be surprised if nicotine could do this as well.

How to treat parasites

How to treat parasites

Regardless if it works perfectly, this is a good travel health tip to try. Most all travelers come into bouts of parasites at various intervals. Getting rid of them can be simple — “take this pill” — or difficult — I once spent 5 months down and out with a particularly bad lot of Indian parasites. This simple tip can be a first step for a traveler to attempt to self medicate before going through the hassles of visiting a doctor.

I would rather eat a couple cigarettes than walk into any doctor’s office in the world.

Next time I am doubled over before a toilet bowl in parasitic agony I may actually make a trip to the newsstand rather than the pharmacy.

“Two cigarettes please.”



[Chomp] [Chomp]

It would be worth trying, anyway. I have not yet had the opportunity to test this strategy, but I am sure that I will at some point.

An Ayurveda doctor in India once prescribed me a diet of only cucumbers, tomatoes, and cow urine tablets to rid myself of a lot of parasites. I tried it. It did not work.

Though it is my experience that parasites are often difficult to rid yourself of parasites — even with medical attention — and that home grown remedies like this are not always proven effective, they are always worth a try.

So I take herbs, eat only cucumbers and tomatoes, consume cow urine tablets, and, the next time I have the chance, I will eat one and a half cigarettes to pass my next gaggle of intestinal parasites.

Travel Health

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