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Germany Visa

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Travel Visas to Germany

Submit information and links about how to obtain travel visas to Germany. How did you get your Germany visa? Contribute information below to help other travelers.

Reader questions about visas to Germany

Overstayed visa in Germany, what to do?

i arrived in frankfurt the middle of august 2010, i am a US citizen, got a stamp in my passport on arrival, and immediately headed to france…i’ve been in the schengen zone since then, the last 6 months, obviously overstayed any visa i might have had (never did actually have a visa),…staying with relatives in germany at the moment, talked to the US consulate in munich about my situation and they told me to present myself to the nearest “auslander amt” ( foreigner office/dept) go from there..seemed like suicide to me, but from your forum i could see the logic of settling pre-departure affairs, and being straight-forward about making an effort to resolve the issue before just showing up at the airport and trying to leave, and facing the music at exit…my question to you is: what is the likely scenario if i do go to the local “foreigner/aliens dept ” and try to be pro-active about my overstay?…will i be immediately taken into custody? or will i be able to walk away from the encounter and consider my next move…have you any experience with such an approach, in germany? i would love to think that being honest and taking some responsibility (better late than never..) would help me out, or is it irrelevent at this point? …and “you are ours now buster”…thanks for a reply

I would agree with the US consulate, get this all straightened out prior to departure. Germany has their system in order and they will bust you at an exit port. Just taking care of this in advance, getting your 3 year ban, is probably the most noble way of doing this. But if you want to tray to skirt out of the region, you could try to book a flight out of another Schengen country and try to get away with it. Italy is currently a little lax about prosecuting visa overstayers — just make sure your flight path does not have a transfer in any other Schengen country.

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