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Gelert Terrain Shorts – Ultimate Travel Shorts Group Test Part 5

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Product: Terrain Shorts
Company: Gelert
Price: RRP £24.99

Where: Gelert and other retailers
Sex: Men/Women
Sizes: Men 30″ – 44″ Women 8 – 20
Colours: Pure Black, Dark Khaki, Fossil
Pockets: 6
Drip Dry Time(Sunlight): 1 Hour

Gelert - Men's Terrain Shorts

  • Insect Repellant
  • SPF 40
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Quick Drying
  • Lightweight
  • Part Elasticated Waist
  • 2 Zipped Cargo Pockets
  • 2 Jeans Pockets
  • 2 Back Pockets

Company Info

Gelert is a family run business that started at the foot of the Snowdonia Mountains in Wales UK. They have recently celebrated their 35 year anniversary and the company now provide a wide range from footwear to tents. They pride themselves on listening to the customer and actively encourage feedback. The staff at Gelert were very keen to participate in our test and had obvious pride in their products.

Our Opinion

Please note the men’s and women’s versions of these shorts are the same except for a different cut.

Firstly I would just like to say “Wow”. When Gelert sent me the specification for these shorts I thought the price was a typo. The list of features is very impressive considering that these shorts are the cheapest in our line up. In particular the Insect Repellent fabric isn’t included in any other pairs on test even the more expensive £50 shorts.

The highlight of the features on these shorts for me is the Anti-Microbial coating. This is a great idea and would definitely pay off on the road. In essence this keeps the shorts fresher and cleaner for longer and it really works. I wore these for a 4 hour hill walk on a hot sunny day and they still felt packet fresh afterwards. These shorts come to just above the knee and I prefer a longer cut but this is a personal preference and these shorts have been designed with activity in mind so a shorter length may be more appropriate.

I can also confirm as noted on the above hike that the Insect Repellent does work. I was walking through dusk in a forest harassed by a dark cloud of mosquitoes and I didn’t get bitten in the short area. That’s not to say I didn’t get bitten on the neck, shins, arms and forehead but my nether regions were unaffected.

Unsurprisingly some compromises have been made in the build quality of these shorts to be able to produce them for this price. The cargo pockets on both side are zip closure and are of a good size as are the un-zipped jeans pockets. The zips could be a better quality but this is being picky. My real issue is with back pockets they are just 2 flaps of fabric sewn on 3 sides. Isn’t this what all pockets are I hear you ask. Well yes but I just don’t trust these, I wouldn’t put anything of value or that I didn’t mind losing in them.

The drying time was impressive and I’m sure these would of been the fastest drying on test if it wasn’t for the elasticated waistband but in reality I’d rather wait an extra 10 minutes for them to dry and have the comfort of the waistband.

The Good and the Bad of Terrain Shorts

Gelert - Women's Terrain Shorts


  • Value For Money
  • Large Range Of Sizes
  • Loads Of Technical Features
  • Good Size Cargo Pockets
  • Anti-Microbial


  • Back Pockets
  • Build Quality


I have complained about the build quality but feel I’m being unjust on these shorts. I’ve been wearing them for about 4 weeks (on and off!) and have washed them a few times and they are showing no ill effects or loose stitching etc. Time will tell in this area, I’ll try to keep this post updated as I continue to wear these and will let you know, but at this price they are well worth a go. You will not find another pair packed with as many useful and thoughtful features as these for less than £25.

I have always thought of Gelert as a premium brand and presumed that their prices were in line with Berghaus, North Face etc. but I have been flicking through their site since I received these shorts and many of their products are very reasonably priced and well thought out. The clincher for me is that you could use these shorts wandering around Barcelona as you could on a beach in Tenerife or sitting on an old american school bus trundling around South America. For a good pair of travelling shorts these will be hard to beat.

For details of where to buy please visit Gelert

*Shorts provided for review by the manufacturer. To have your Travel Gear reviewed on Vagabond Journey Travel contact us.

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