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Gear List for Bicycle Travel in Iceland

Gear for Bicycling in Iceland

This is a list of my gear for this bicycle journey around Iceland.

1- Pink mountain bike with gear rack, tub, and two panniers.

2- Spare tubes
1- Extra wheel with good tire and tube
1- Adjustable wrench
1- Multitool
2- One meter long bungee cords
1- Long spool of strong synthetic clothes line
1- Tarp
2- Tents, one Hennessy Hammock and another conventional ground tent (which needed to be purchased because Iceland is a country with many barren landscapes and few places to hang hammocks).
2- Days worth of food.
6- Liters of water.
1- Water filter.
1- Small camping pot for cooking.
1- Camping plate
2- Spoons
1- Fork
1- Rather large plastic knife
1- Tuna can stove
1.5- Bottles of denatured alcohol for cooking
1- Lowe Alpine TT Tour backpack
1- Northface waterproof messenger bag
3- Float bags of various sizes
1- Pair of Nike Goretex hiking boots
1- Waterproof (I hope) jacket
1- Rain poncho

Gear for bicycle travel in Iceland

I brought some of this gear to Iceland with me, the rest I acquired by way of scavenging and, in some cases, purchasing — which are stories in and of themselves. The full story can be read in the book Bike Tramping in Iceland that is being written about this journey. These travelogue entries should be thought of as way points showing the rough shape of this venture, while the book will be the complete tale.

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