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Gambia Border Crossing

Information about crossing the borders to and from Gambia.

Senegal – Gambia border

I crossed at the usual crossing of Karang. This was a very pleasant experience compared to Rosso. On the Senegal side formalities were completed without any expectation or demand for a gift. No hustlers offering their services for money. The only small distraction is the plentiful illegal money changers, who strangely think you would want to buy Senegalese money when leaving Senegal! On arrival at the Gambian side of the border, well, what a pleasant surprise. Officials were polite, helpful and efficient at there job. On arrival my passport was duly stamped and only one demand from the immigration officer, ” how long do you want”? My reply of 1 month was written in the visa. -by Nigel Beardsley

Gambia Travel Guide

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