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Former Guatemalan President Charged with Corruption

Guatemalan President faces extradition on charges of embezzling aid money from the USA

Former Guatemalan president, Alfonso Portillo, is being brought up on charges in Guatemala for embezzling 15 million dollars from his country’s defense fund as well as facing extradition to the USA to go to trial for reputedly taking one million dollars of foreign aid meant for education for himself.

My response:

What Latin American leader has not done this?

Why stop here, why not get them all. Backs against the wall, write out a list of countries on this planet that receive international aid and automatically bring their leaders up in charges — as chances are that at least a portion of the great amounts of free money streaming into their countries is going into pockets en route, and not arriving at their targeted destinations.

Perhaps this is well known.

Many donor countries now have complex underwriter systems in tact, they now have their people on the ground in the receiver countries to watch were the money goes, to make sure that future Alfonso cannot just pocket the money that falls like rain from the clouds of foreign aid.

In taking this aid, in placing their countries at the mercy of donations from far away, by abiding by the ultimatums of the underwriters, the countries of the third world loose autonomy, they are controlled, at the mercy of the political whims of the donor countries. They can’t even embezzle this money any more.

The presidents of Latin America are no longer allowed to be dictators in the One World System.

Sources: Guatemala President Faces Charges

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