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Food in Honduras

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What do people eat in Honduras?

This page is a collection of information about food in the Central American country, Honduras.

If I had to sum up Honduran food in as few words as possible I would say, fried and salty. There is a little more to it than that but here’s a few food items that are typical in Honduras.

Examples and descriptions of popular Honduran cuisine

Sopa de Mondongo -- Tripe soup -- in Honduras

BaleadasBolibaleadasSuper Baleadas–Tortillas folded over with re-fried beans and a really salty cheese and cream inside. The bolibaleada is the same but also includes eggs. The super baleada is exactly what you think; a larger baleada but with meat or something else thrown in. A normal Baleada is usually around 20 Lempira (around $1.00 U.S.) and the Bolibaleadas and Super Baleadas may be between 30 – 40 Lempira ($1.50 – $2.00 U.S.)

Fried Chicken– This country loves their fried chicken. They really, really, really love it.

Tajadas– Plantains that are fried like potato chips. You can have them just as chips or with meat andor cabbage on top. When you get fried chicken you usually get these fried plantains as well.

Cabbage– Similar to El Salvador and Nicaragua you will also get a lot of cabbage. Either a large jar of it on the table or with your meal.

Sopa de Mondongo (Tripe Stew)- This dish is purportedly eaten for recovering after a hard night of drinking too much augardiente (Moonshine) or cerveza (beer).

Beans and Rice- A Latin American staple.

Mangoes- The Mangoes which grow in Honduras can get to the size of a football, and they are served mostly green which are then slathered with tabasco sauce and salt, or eaten red and ripe with it’s own natural tropical sweetness.

A first hand experience of typical Honduran food

My food experience with food in Honduras ranges from family dinners to buying groceries at the Supermarecado to purchasing banana chips from a small tienda(store).

After my long bus ride, arriving in Tegucigalpa (Honduras Capital) from Guatemala City, my longtime friend Maria was at the bus terminal to meet me. The first thing she asked me was, if I was hungry and if I wanted to go one of the many fast food places. I said No Way! I want authentic local food! So we proceeded to her house and she had one of her maids (this cultural aspect makes me a bit uncomfortable) make me some black beans, rice, fried platanos with cream, warmed tortilla and fresh lemonade. No meat, I’m a vegetarian.

It was delicious!!

A typical meal in the Honduras household consists of warm tortillas, frijoles negras(black beans), platanos(plantains) with honey or thick cream, rice, chicken or beef. And to drink, the usual choices would be coke, freshly made lemonade, or horchata (cold sweet rice milk drink).

The best way to experience an authentic Honduran family meal is to make friends with a local, they are extremely generous and warm when one of the family has accepted you as a friend. What I’m trying to say is that you won’t starve in this generous Latin American country.

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