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Ferry from Aqaba to Egypt

Hello Craig,

It would have cost $120 to $140 for both of us to take the ferry from Jordan to Egypt (Aqaba to Nuweiba). The fast boat was $70 per person and the slow one $60. No way. The boat company decided recently to double their already expensive fares (though I have a large suspicion that the price hike was just for westerners but cannot prove it).

So we left the port and went to Israel.

Cleared the border in 45 minutes. We were both questioned about the Syrian and Iraqi stamps and I was asked about Morocco, but, in the end, the fact that Hannah’s full name is Hannah Chaya Kates-Goldman and has family in Israel seemed to grease the wheels of progress.

But I do know how much money this move is really going to save us as Israel is expensive! haha. But the way I figure it is if we travel through Israel on under $140 we made out. I would much rather spend money and get something for it rather than paying some scrapper boat company for a one hour or 3-4 hour ride.

Other than this, we should be going to Egypt on Sunday and moving quick to Cairo. I decided to return to the USA with Hannah. I want to be around her when she is pregnant and don’t really have any money to be spending considering that we have to pay a mid wife $2,000 in a couple of months. No problem though. It is worth it though for both of us to be comfortable with the pregnancy and having the baby.

If you are near Eilat let me know!

Have fun,



FYI — doesn’t look like people were lying to you… the price is fucking outrageous for the 1-hour fast-ferry.  US$70!!  Amazing.

//craig in israel


So I’m a bit lost on the border situation down there, as Tatiana and I will eventually be going from Israel to Jordan to see Petra, then heading to Cairo.  Where is this expensive ferry, and how are you avoiding it?  I heard something about a crossing that you shouldn’t take down in that area that only gives you a special two-week visa and allows access to only a part of Egypt?  I could use some first-hand advice.

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