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Farmer bar, fields and orchards, western New York state

Went to a Farmer bar in upstate NY a few nights back. A Chinese marine said that he was going to kill me because he thought that I did not believe that he was the brother of a caucasian woman. “She is my sister, we just have different parents.” He seemed far too concerned about this for me to tell him that I simply did not care. So I just looked at him. I suppose that this was not sufficient because I had to arm wrestle his marine buddies……for honor, maybe? I dont know. So I arm wrestled them out. Fared well against a fat one but lost fairly against their leader. They were an all right bunch of meatheads.

At least marines seem to have some degree of passion about being hired killers. I have yet to meet a marine that said he joined solely to recieve money for college or some other such nonsense. I have also found that if I am conjenial with them that they will teach me a few of the skills of their trade. Like how to rip off noses, ears, eyeballs, and balls; how to break elbows, fingers and crush windpipes. There have been mercenaries in all times; engadging them in lowlevel verbal conflict will not make them go away, it will only stifle a situation in which I can learn from people who are much different than myself. To argue politics is to cerebrally degrade life into manipulatably segments. I am black and you white. I washed my hands of this long ago. But it is rather humorous to try to take oneself seriously once in a while.

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