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Farm Work for Travel Funds

Farm Work to Make Money for Traveling —

I am in Maine in the good ol USA. I am going to take these next six months, work, and write about how to make and save money to travel the world. While Chaya is incubating Number Three and priming over the wedding, I am going to stick my hands in the dirt and rub my face in the mud:

I have landed a job on a farm.

On Joyful Village Farm.

What odd sort of hippy sounding name is this? It sounds as if this place marks the direct location of the pimple point of hippydom being squeezed up to a head. I drove out to the farm, and was relieved to find that it was located on Joyful Village Road.

“Aha, a reason behind the name.”

(what sort of hippy sounding road name is this? it sounds like . . .)
Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
in Bangor, Maine – July 8, 2009
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So I placed a green Dysart’s truck stop hat upon my head and walked to to the farm to meet with its owner. We talked a little shop, and he showed me the lay of the land: 4 acres of fields, three other workers, three pigs, a whole mess of chickens, a herd of sheep, all organic.

$10 an hour, 30 hours a week.

“Sounds good.”

I agreed to work ten hour days each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. My interest is on saving up as much money as I can to go traveling with my family, so I have no qualms about working long hours on the weekends. Three ten hour days also provides me with four days off to work on Vagabond Journey.com, time to live out in the cabin, as well as pick up any other available projects.

I have never really done farm work before. I grew up in farm country and I worked for a little while as a gardener on a farm in Ireland, but I have never called myself a farmer. Now, it seems as if I was finally taking initiative to claim this overall wearing title.

Vagabond Wade is now a farmer…

In the glory days of mohawks, studded leather, bad music, and sneers, my friends from the big city of Rochester would refer to me and my hometown friends the “Farmer Punks.” Now, I must state that this one time misnomer has been vindicated: I am now a farmer.

Planting words into computer screens has not yet proved a very lucrative occupation, perhaps planting seeds into the earth will harvest a little more green for my pockets. I need to make my travel funds somehow.

“How to save money for traveling?”

“By any means necessary.”

This travelogue entry is part of a project that shows how a person from a developed country can make enough money to travel the world for a year and a half from six months of saving. Follow the below link to read transmissions from the rest of the project.

Project – How to make money to travel the world

Farm Work for Travel Funds

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