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Electronic Travel Gear eStore Open

A new electronic travel gear store has been added to the Trusted Travel Gear collection of shops.  The equipment in these stores are ones that I use or otherwise would like to use.

Electronic Travel Gear

Transactions through these stores are handled through Amazon.com, so they are completely secure. I have nothing to do with the selling, purchasing, or shipping portions of the sales, as it is my role to just refer readers to good pieces of travel gear. So I pick out the pieces of travel gear that I can stamp with my approval, and recommend them to other travelers.

Shop at Amazon.com

I am hoping that these Amazon stores will help support my travels and this website. I feel as if their commissions are good, and I also like the fact that I still receive a commission if a person clicks through one of my product links and then buys something different on Amazon other than the item they clicked through.

So if someone clicks over to Amazon.com through the Hennessy Hammock Tent product link in the travel gear store and they end up buying Dr.Phil’s 10 Ways to be a Pecker I still get my referral cut.

I am standing a little in the lurk as far as the time input/ income output ratio of publishing Vagabond Journey.com, and I dream a traveler’s wild dream that little ventures such as this will even out this ratio.

If I can keep my fractions constant — if I can bring in as much money off of Vagabond Journey.com as I spend — I could travel the world perpetually with my family and continue working on this project full time.

Naw, honesty states that I will be toiling on, and ever getting deeper into, this website project regardless if I make a suitcase full of money off of it or a thimble full.

Though it would be nice to find a living coming back on the tail of these written words like a well thrown boomerang.

Shop for Electronic Travel Gear

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