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Digital Nomad

  • How Being a Digital Nomad Destroyed my Feet
    How Being a Digital Nomad Destroyed my Feet thumbnail

    The hazards of being a digital nomad.

  • How to Sign a Digital Document and Email Without a Scanner and Printer
    My digitalized signature.

    A travel tip about how to sign contracts when traveling without going around looking for a scanner and printer.

  • The Ultimate Travel Writing Device Goes Extinct as Times Change
    Alphasmart Neo

    Alphasmart writing devices have been clutch tools for a small group of traveling writers and journalists, but times have changed.

  • How To Make A Blog Load Faster? Kill Unneeded Plugins

    How to increase page speed by shedding unneed plugins.

  • The Backend Of Internet Advertising: Your Ads Slow Page Load Speed

    Those ad units do more than make you money.

  • How To Use Google Image Search To Build BackLinks

    How I turn copyright violations into backlinks.

  • Google, Please Return My Image Search Traffic

    In January of 2013 Google made a major change in the formatting of their image search results which gorged the traffic of sites that publish large amounts of photos.

  • How I Make Money From My Blogs Via Advertising

    How I make -- and don't make -- money from my blogs through advertising.

  • The Benefits Of Using A Tablet For Travel Blogging

    I've taken blogging mobile with a tablet. Here's why.

  • Both CNN And Vagabond Journey Ripped Off By Fake Youtube Channel

    My content is aired on a Youtube channel called CNNExlcusive without permission. It seems as if CNN may have ripped us off.

  • Torched From the Adsense Program (and Liberated from Pay Per Click Advertising)
    Mang Eduard wearing his sun protector on his arm

    Update, 23/01/2013: After submitting an appeal, Adsense re-enabled ad serving to this site. I'm not sure if I'm going to put the ads back up, please read this article and tell me your opinion in the comments below. I received the proverbial pink slip from Google's Adsense program a few days ago. They notified me [...]

  • How Much Money Can You Make With Chitika Ads?

    How much money can you make serving Chitika ads on your site? Pretty much none. Seriously, Chitika has to be one of the worst major ad platforms for publishers out there in terms of payouts. In point, you run their ads, send traffic to their clients, and you receive pennies -- literally -- in return. Chitika is [...]

  • You Have to Know That You Suck To Improve

    My three year old daughter sucks at jumping. This is no problem except for the fact that she thinks she's doing it right. She jerks her little body forward and calls it a jump without really lifting her feet off the ground. It's not jumping, but she doesn't know it and she doesn't improve. It's [...]

  • Success Means Becoming Your Image

    I had a friend when growing up who was a great musician. He led a band that played for a very defined niche audience. This social niche that he played for had a certain way of dressing, a certain way of talking, a set political outlook, a very rigidly defined idea of what was cool [...]

  • Why Single Topic Blogs are Better

    I recently went onto a blog about social media tips and tore right into the first article it featured. It took me until I was halfway through the article before I realized that it had nothing to do with Twitter, the site's main topics. It was about some horror movie writer or something like that, [...]

  • Why Travelers NEED to Use a VPN (Virtual Private Network)

    I'm in China now, a country that blocks almost all major foreign social media networks and heavily censors the internet, but I'm able to post on Facebook, tweet, upload videos to Youtube, and browse the web freely. How? I simply turn on my VPN and access the internet from the USA, completely subverting the great [...]

  • Don’t Waste Time Styling Your Blog – It’s the Content that Counts

    In this period in the evolution of the internet, where even the most fledgling independent blogger is competing with and being compared to the big boys ticking off posts for corporate web properties it's important -- no, absolutely necessary -- to have a blog that looks good. The internet is like Manhattan, whereas print media [...]

  • Being a Self-Employed Digital Nomad is a Real Job

    I created 19 websites, wrote and published two blog posts, made good headway on a book, added a graphic to purchase my digital magazine on VJT, sent off some emails to advertising partners and other associates, and uploaded a video to Youtube. It was a good day of work. I was sitting satisfied with myself [...]

  • Digital Nomad or Economic Refugee?

    Are you a Digital Nomad or an Economic Refugee? BOGOTA, Colombia- Digital nomads can recognize each other on sight. This is not to say that there is a secret hand shake, a uniform, a badge, a club card, an insignia or any sort of physical identifier. No, digital nomads can recognize each other because they [...]

  • Freelance Writing to Fund Travels

    Freelance Writing to Live Abroad or to Travel SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- "I will probably write two books and fifty articles this month," Rachael spoke matter of factly while sipping a beer. I raised an eyebrow -- two books and fifty articles in one month? -- and I thought I wrote a lot. [...]

  • Traveling Webmaster/ SEO Consultant

    Traveling Webmaster SEO Consultant Independent Travel Business SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- "If you can get creative, you can make money from it," Mandy spoke in the backyard of a coffee house in San Cristobal, and I knew that I was speaking with a traveler. Traveling since 2008, she makes her bean money as [...]