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Deportation for Schengen Visa Overstay

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Do you get deported for overstaying a Schengen visa in Sweden?

Deportations for overstaying a Schengen visa is incredibly rare. Nobody is coming after you. When you leave the Schengen region there is a good chance that you are going to be taken aside, given some forms to sign, and then be banned from re-entering this part of Europe for a few years. The entire process is pretty straight forward, formal, and matter of fact.

Stop worrying, you are free to do whatever you want until leaving. Typically, even if the police do find that you are there illegally, you will just be requested to leave on your own rather than being deported.

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Complete question about being deported for overstaying a Schengen visa in Sweden

I really need help on my situation. overstayed in sweden for 7 months on my student visa expires, i am from india, after i realized that i didnt applied for student residence permit extension i got scared and afried of detention or deport, fortunately in these overstayed days i didn´t done any job or other things, just i was idle in all these days. Now after realizing my mistake am prepared for deportation but am scared and afried of detention or fine, is it possible to convince migration board that i will voluntarily leave the country (sweden). i am so stressed and pissed off of the mistake and wrong i did, really really need your suggestion and advice, it would be really greatfull if you gave me a suggestion.

Do you have a Schengen visa question?

If so, then take a look at our Schengen visa community forum. It’s a community just for people who have questions or concerns related to Europe’s Schengen immigration zone.
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