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Dell Laptops and Travel

Dell Laptops and Travel

The laptop computer that I travel with is a cheap Dell that got for Christmas in 2005. I think it only costed $400 new, and it has served every purpose that I have ever needed it for. It computes, it is durable, and has been able to withstand the rigors of travel. I call it “Old Faithful,” as she has not let me down yet.

Dell laptops are big and heavy, but they are tough. Old Faitful has crossed mountains, deserts, and seas. I even mailed her by sea mail to the USA from China. The journey took three months, and when she arrived the box was beat to a battered pulp, but Old Faithful ticked on without a hitch. I have dropped it, sat on it, knocked it around in almost every conceivable way, and this stubborn old Dell computer continues to work proudly.

When the time comes to search for another laptop, I will surely seek out a big, heavy, cheap, black, archaic looking Dell. Simply put, Dell laptops are made for a life on the Open Road.

Wade from Song of the Open Road highly reccomends Dell laptops for traveling. They are really heavy. . . but then again, so are books. I definently pack less clothing to accomdate my choice of computer, but I would rather wear dirty clothes and a have a working computer than a laptop that cannot take a beating.

Dell computers, if this ever get to you, I must say that you make a solid, well priced laptop computer. Have me take a Dell laptop to the furthest reaches of the earth in order to demonstrate its toughness and durability hehehe. This would not be an advertizing fiction, as it would be the truth.

Oh yeah, you will have to send me a free Dell laptop every two years hehehe.

Wade from Vagabond Journey.com

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