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Czech Culture and Character

Strong Czech Character Culture Friends

I have been in the Czech Republic for a little over a month, and I must write that I am impressed by show of the character of the people in this country. I have had the privilege of making friends at each stop as I traveled from Prague to Olomouc on down to Komeriz and Hodonin, and each friendship that was cultivated – even though apparently transitory – seemed to be very solid. I have fallen in love with the people of this somewhat small country on the eastern brink of Central Europe.
Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
in Bratislava, Slovakia- July 9, 2008
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I am impressed when people do what they offer to do. I think that this is a sign of thick character, and, even though I am all over the map, whenever I say that I will do something for someone, I try very hard to do it. Many of my friends in the Czech Republic have offered a few things to me, and on each occasion – no matter how in-passing the offer was – they always came through. I appreciate this deeply.

These Czechs that I have met are amongst the most solid, pure, and friend worthy people that I have ever met during my travels over this great earth.

Thank you “Pea” for the wine that your family made; thank you Pavlov for the watermelon, the mojitos, the laughs, and the bag of food for the Road; thank you Tomas for the CD; thank you Mrs. Benova for the lunch, the tea, and the shisha pipe; thank you Greg (an Australian but still counts) for the bed for two weeks, the coffee, and the half-cooked chicken dinner; thank you Jess for the lasagna that fueled my first day of peddling, thank you bartenders at the Reactor Bar in Olomouc for all the glasses of JD and for giving me my first tastes of Czech liquor, thank you Tomas in Prague for the good night of conversation, whiskey, and fun; thank you Sasha for the Prague dorm bed; thank you wine maker Vlastimil Glos for the best wine that only God can make, the wisdom, and the wit; thank you Mr. Bendov for a comfortable room, the coffee, and the insight into Czech history, and especially a warm thank you to Ludmilla for showing me lands beyond my imagination and recognition.

Thank you all for showing a man who is comfortable sitting outside and looking in the view from the inside out.

I will carry your lessons, laughs, and beautiful memories with me on every pedal towards the Sickle Moon Horizon.

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Strong Czech Character Culture Friends
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