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Cubicle Ditcher on Vagabond Journey

I am pleased to announce that a new travel blogger has just joined the Vagabond Journey family. His name is Sam Langley, and he is the architect of Cubicle Ditcher Travel, which is now on VagabondJourney.com.

I first met Sam in southern Mexico, and, after spending a few days sipping coffee and guzzling tequila, he really showed me that all of these travel tips that I write are not in vain. Sam told me that he would read VJT/ Travelvice/ Hobotraveler while he worked his cubicle job for an insurance company in the USA, and it was obvious that he made good on all the advice. After deciding that the corporate lifestyle was not for him and took off to travel the world.

A year later he is still going.

Sam Langley, the cubicle ditcher, in a horse race

I did not invite Sam to start blogging on Vagabond Journey because he is a traveler; no, I invited Sam to come aboard because he is a very good traveler. This guy does not just go to the easy to visit backpacker haunts of the world — no, he goes off the map. The east coast of Nicaragua, the back country of Patagonia, the no man’s lands of Bolivia, Sam has been there.

He also happens to be a very talented and dedicated blogger as well, and his entries overflow with enthusiasm for the places he visits, the people he meets, and for travel in general. It is rare that you meet someone on the road who seems appreciative for each day of travel they experience, but this is what I took away from meeting Sam and from reading through his blog. Perhaps he keeps a vision in his head of what life could be otherwise — stuck in an office cubicle 40+ hours per week — that keeps his optimism high throughout even the rough patches of travel (which he has experienced), or perhaps facing the world with a smile on his face is just his disposition, but, whatever the case, it is evident that Sam is living life on the open road to its fullest.

Go to Cubicle Ditcher Travel.

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