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  • SIGHTS OF CHINA: Chinese Children And Their Sweat Rags

    Maybe you've seen them hanging off the back of Chinese kids like bibs put on backwards and wondered what these strange accessories were. No, they are not yet another way that adults here cute-ify their children, to the contrary they serve a very functional roll: they soak up sweat.

  • The Advantages And Dangers Of Wearing Sandals When Traveling

    A little cut or abrasion on your foot can easily lead to an infection and an otherwise unnecessary medical situation if wearing sandals.

  • Buy Clothing and Personal Apparel Before Traveling to Places Where the People Don’t Look Like You

    The differences in the human body between cultures are very subtle, but these small differences can mean a lot when it comes to clothing or other personal apparel, such as eyeglasses. I generally advise travelers to not worry too much about packing before going abroad, as in these days of globalization you can pretty much [...]

  • Save on Airline Baggage Fees: Carry Heavy Items in a Fishing Vest

    I really hate airlines and the ever decreasing baggage allowances. If I'm on a plane with my family, it's usually because we are moving. That means we have most of our worldly possessions in our bags. I'm also a cheap vagabond and I'm not going to pay more to move something than what it's worth. [...]

  • Big Plastic Glasses Without Lenses: Strange East Asian Fashion

    Fashion is not supposed to make sense. It is not supposed to be natural, look normal, or run flush with logical. In fact, fashion is supposed to be the polar opposite of all these attributes. In point, fashion, by design, is supposed to make people look at you, to be a beacon for social energy, [...]

  • The Best Style Shirts for Travel

    The perfect style of shirt that I've found for travel is nothing special. You probably have a half dozen of them in your dresser right now -- or maybe you already have one in your rucksack. This style shirt is worn and sold dirt cheap in just about every country on the globe. It is [...]

  • Shopping in China: Prices in Chinese Malls are Often Lower than Ticketed

    TAIZHOU, China- When I think of shopping malls I think of sparkling white tiled floors, sharp looking, new smelling middle class shoppers, air conditioning, and fixed prices that are clearly marked on every item. So it was a slight surprise when I learned that I could get a lower price for many items in Chinese shopping [...]

  • Clothing in Solomon Islands

    Traditional clothing in the Solomon Islands is similar to other South Pacific Islands. Different tribes and ethnic groups used different traditional clothing. Some examples are grass skirts, a sarong style wrap skirt and tapa cloth made from tree bark. Many ethnic groups wore a lot of jewelry including necklaces and head dresses or hair bands. [...]

  • Clothing in Guinea

    Guinea is a country located in West Africa. It is a predominately Muslim community. People in Guinea dress similar to other countries in West Africa. The clothing tends to be loose and conservative, though specific clothing styles vary depending on ethnicity. Traditionally men wear long loose gowns or robes over loose pants that are tapered [...]

  • Clothing in Nicaragua

    Nicaraguans take pride in their appearance and will make sure their clothes are clean, even if they only have one or two outfits. Traditional Nicaraguan clothing includes a simple loose white shirt and long pants for men, with or without embroidery, a straw hat, and bandanna. Women wore embroidered dresses with full skirts, and some kind of kerchief [...]

  • Clothing in Democratic Republic of Congo

    Traditionally men and women in Congo wore clothes made of raffia. This is only used today though, in special ceremonies. It is much more common to see women wearing long skirts and tops with bold patterns and colors. Headwraps and hats are also popular as fashion and sun protection. Men wear a dashiki-style long shirt, [...]

  • Clothing in Ghana

    People in Ghana take pride in how they dress. There is often a gender and generational divide in clothing in Ghana. The older generation tends to wear more traditional clothes, while the younger generation tends to wear the universal costume of youth: jeans and a t-shirt. Women tend to wear more traditional clothing than men. [...]

  • Clothing in Lesotho

    One of the most common clothing articles you will see is a warm blanket wrapped as a shawl around the shoulders. Both men and women wear this blanket. Women generally wear long dresses and skirts in bold colors and patterns.  It is also common to see women, especially younger women, in jeans and t-shirts. Women [...]

  • Mid-Layer / Fleece Group Test: The Results! Patagonia - R1 Hoody

    Its been a very warm and cuddly month with all the fleeces arriving and being tested. They've all been worn in wind and rain, around town, and over downs. The test starting ironically with a heat wave hitting the UK which set us back a few weeks, but in the end we did some very [...]

  • Baby Clothes Transcending the Class Structure

    When our baby, Petra, was born we were handed down everything we needed for a new baby. Clothes from newborn sizes to toddler sizes, towels, bedding, an infant bed, two (!) car seats, a stroller, a bouncy seat and at least three baby carriers, came from babies who had just recently outgrown them. Some of [...]

  • Clothing in Rwanda

    Rwandans today wear modern Western style clothing. In fact, much of it is actually used clothing from the West complete with slogans in English and US sports teams logos. When traveling to Rwanda, keep in mind the warm climate. Light colored clothes in made from breathable fabrics like cotton are recommended. If you are going to travel up [...]

  • Clothing in Liberia

    Generally, in urban areas Liberians are more likely to dress in typical Western style dress (jeans and t-shirts), while in more rural areas Liberians wear more traditional West African attire. Traditionally men wear short or long pants with a loose round-neck shirt. Women traditionally will wear a long wrap skirt called "lappa" and loose top [...]

  • Craghoppers Tiki/Fusion- Mid-Layer Group Test Craghoppers - Fusion Fleece

    We at VJT have been dying to work with Craghoppers for a long time. Their gear has a great reputation and we felt that they were a company whose products would greatly interest our readers. Finally now after much correspondence we have had the opportunity to include some of their fleeces in this test. Craghoppers have been kind enough to [...]

  • Patagonia R1 Pullover/ Hoody Patagonia - R1 Hoody

    Patagonia are never afraid to compare their wares to the competition so when we told them about this test they sent us two variants of their popular R1 range of mid-layers. The R1 range encompasses everything from trousers to gloves for men and women and are designed as base/mid-layers for sports and travel activities in [...]

  • Paramo Summit Hoody Performance Fabric

    Regular readers of the site will know that we are big fans of Paramo gear, as it is often well designed and built with a single minded purpose. If I was embarking on a true adventure they would be my first port of call. We contacted Paramo with regards to this test and they kindly [...]

  • Berghaus Scorch Fleece Quality Details

    The Berghaus name is famed for its quality and performance and so they were an obvious brand for a mid-layer group test. I know several outdoor workers who swear by Berghaus fleeces and they are all they will buy. Berghaus are never a brand to shy away from their competitors so they obligingly sent us one of [...]

  • Coming Soon “Fleece/Mid Layer Group Test! Bruge In The Snow

    Your missing a flip flop and you can't find your sunglasses. It can only mean one thing winter is coming. Or you shouldn't of had that green cocktail last night at the Kon Phangan Beach Party. Here in the UK winter has once again come and so we reach for our jeans and cosy fleeces [...]

  • Clothing in South Korea

    South Koreans are renowned in Asia and abroad for their slick sense of fashion, and with the degree to which appearance is held in Korean society, it’s no surprise. Koreans spend enormous portions of their salaries on makeup, cosmetic surgery, and high-end clothing and accessories. Many travelers agree that there is nowhere to go in [...]

  • Clothing in Grenada

    Grenada is a spice island in the Caribbean. When considering what kind of clothing to pack, I always recommend that travelers pack clothing that their comfortable in and they think looks good on them. My first few trips I would pack clothes that I thought I should bring (like long skirts) but would never wear because, [...]

  • Clothing in Iceland

    What kind of clothes do people wear in Iceland? What clothing should you pack to visit? How do Icelanders dress when going out? Find out in this travel guide.

  • Patagonia – Rock Guide Shorts Review

    Do you ever find yourself arm baring half way up a 5.9 chimney hoping that the bomb proof cold shut will hold? No well me neither because this is climber speak and its taken me half an hour on Google and a series of emails to a climbing buddy to construct that sentence. If however you [...]

  • Ultimate Travel Shorts Group Test Results!!!

    Well, what a few weeks, lots of hiking and testing have led us to this, the results of our Ultimate Travel Shorts Group Test! So what have we learnt? Well the days of backpackers wearing army surplus cargo shorts are gone. The new age of performance materials really can make your life on the road [...]

  • Patagonia Nomader Shorts – Ultimate Travel Shorts Group Test Part 4

    Product: Nomader Short Company: Patagonia Price: RRP £55 Where: Patagonia and other outlets Sex: Men/Women Sizes: Men 28" - 38"   Women 2 - 14 Colours: Retro Khaki, Raven, Forge Grey, Amaranth, Earthenware Pockets: Men- 7    Women- 4        Weight: Men 273g  Women 161g Drip Dry Time(Sunlight): 1 Hour 10 min Highlights: Water [...]

  • Clothing in Mexico

    The clothes that people wear in Mexico often have to do with what part of the country they are from, their social class, and, if indigenous, what culture they are from. Mexico is a pluralist country, and the clothing of the people represent this. From long woven, colorful indigenous dresses on women to sharp mini-skirts [...]

  • Berghaus Terrain Short – Ultimate Travel Shorts Group Test Part 6

    Product: Terrain Short Company: Berghaus Price: RRP £40/£35 Where: Berghaus and Other Stockists Sex: Men/Women Sizes: Men 30-38"     Women 8 - 18 Colours: Walnut, Bay, India Ink Pockets: Men-6   Women-4         Weight: 218g Drip Dry Time(Sunlight): 1 hour 35 mins   Highlights: Security Hidden Pocket (Men's Only) Factor 50 Sun [...]

  • Sprigs – Banjee Wrist Wallet Review

    We at VJT are always fans of an innovative product, and when I saw these Banjee wrist wallets, I knew we just had to review them. Dawn, who runs Sprigs the company behind the Banjee, has been kind enough to send us one of each size to put through its paces. The Banjee Wrist Wallets [...]

  • Gelert Terrain Shorts – Ultimate Travel Shorts Group Test Part 5

    Product: Terrain Shorts Company: Gelert Price: RRP £24.99 Where: Gelert and other retailers Sex: Men/Women Sizes: Men 30" - 44" Women 8 - 20 Colours: Pure Black, Dark Khaki, Fossil Pockets: 6 Drip Dry Time(Sunlight): 1 Hour Highlights: Insect Repellant SPF 40 Anti-Microbial Quick Drying Lightweight Part Elasticated Waist 2 Zipped Cargo Pockets 2 Jeans Pockets [...]

  • Regatta Geo Extol Mountain Short – Ultimate Shorts Group Test Part 3

    Product: Geo Extol Mountain Short Company: Regatta Price: £36 Where: Regatta and Selected Stockists Sex: Men and Women Sizes: Men 30"-44"   Women 8 - 20 Colours: Pine Bark, Smokey Pockets: 3     Weight: 180g Drip Dry Time(Sunlight): 50 mins Highlights  Water Repellent Quick Drying Sun Factor SPF 40 Stretch Fabric Part Elasticated Waist Breathable Company [...]

  • Rab Traverse Shorts – Ultimate Travel Shorts Group Test Part 2

    Product: Traverse Shorts Company: Rab Price: RRP £40 Where: Rab Approved Stockists Sex: Men/Women Sizes: S - XXL (more on this later) Colours: Hemp, Whale, Strata Pockets: 3           Weight: 170g/145g Drip Dry Time(Sunlight): 55 minutes Highlights: Lifetime Guarantee Lightweight Part Mesh Pockets All Zipped Pockets Key Clip In Right Hand Pocket Incredibly Flexible [...]

  • Páramo Maui Cargo Shorts – Ultimate Travel Shorts Group Test Part 1

    Product: Men's Maui Cargo Shorts Company: Páramo Price: RRP £47 Where: Approved Páramo Outlets and Online Sex: Men (Women's equivalent available here) Sizes: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 inch Colours: Pebble, Moss Pockets: 8       Weight: 310g Drip Dry Time(Sunlight): 56 minutes Generous cut. Belt included. Hanging loop to aid drying. Mesh lined [...]

  • This T-Shirt Will Change Your Life!

    As the a travel gear reviewer for Vagabond Journey I am asked one question more than any other. People say "Rich, what item clothing can I buy that will make me more attractive, richer, better educated, well travelled and more attractive to the opposite sex". Well now I have an answer that satisfies all of the [...]

  • Carhartt Boots for Hiking and Travel

    Carhartt Work Boots for Hiking, Trekking, and World Travel Gear review by Wade Shepard I am highly selective and proud about the gear that I use to travel. My boots, rucksack, bags, and clothing are never happenstancialy chosen. Rather, I prim and ponder over all of my travel gear in an effort to outfit myself [...]

  • Coming Soon “Ultimate Travel Shorts” Group Test!

    You may have noticed the review section has been a little quiet the last few days. This is because we've been busy unwrapping items for the group test we're currently working on! Hooray! We're trying to find "The Ultimate Travel Shorts" and are completing a group test with examples so far from Paramo, Gelert, Rab [...]

  • Trespass – Tico Adventure Trousers Review

    Trespass - Tico Adventure Trousers £39.95 Now call me suspicious, when I first saw these trousers in my local Trespass Store I thought they were the Bear Grylls Adventure Trousers. They do I think you will agree look suspiciously alike, or it could be that these offerings from Trespass are not at all influenced by the fame and [...]

  • Trespass – Prednost Boots Review

    Trespass - Prednost Mens Boots €74.38 Boots are our forgotten friends. If you have a good pair you never think about them. They carry on day after day being used and abused soaking up our sweat and then being discarded under your bunk.  These boots are my forgotten friends I have had them for over [...]

  • Steel Toe Boots Not For Travel

    Steel toed boots bad for travel While I highly recommend Carhartt boots -- or other suitable heavy duty work boots -- I strongly advise against trying to travel with boots that have steel toes.  My reasons for this are as follows: 1. Most travelers are not going to be doing work which requires steel toes, [...]

  • Hidden Pocket in Underwear for Travel Gear

    Scottevest, the maker of the 20 pocket travel jacket, has just come out with a new line of underwear which features a pocket hovering just over the frontal business area. The pocket is big enough for a cell phone, and the idea behind it is that travelers can hide their small electronic devices or even [...]

  • Travel Work as Artisan Shoe Maker

    SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico- I saw two travelers sitting on a bench in San Cristobal wearing rope sandals while industriously working on making a couple more pairs. They had on display a couple completed pairs of their shoes sitting out on the sidewalk before them for passerbys to purchase or simply oogle over. [...]

  • Pacas for Cheap Clothes in Central America

    Pacas are the place to shop for cheap clothing in Central America A paca is kind of like a scene in a movie where a car is parked in a bad urban area and is quickly stripped of all of its pieces by the locals in fast motion while the owner goes for a stroll [...]

  • Travel with Tattoos tattoo-traveler.jpg

    Traveling with Tattoos in Central America It is true that one of the physical characteristics of gang members or the "criminal" sect of Central America are often characterized by heavy and very visible tattooing, but it has not been my experience that, as a heavily tattooed traveler, I have ever been mistaken as a gang [...]

  • What are Good Pants for Travel

    What type of pants are good for traveling? Military fatigues. The armies of the world wear these pants for a reason: they are light weight, loose fitting, keep you warm in cold weather, and cool in hot weather, they allow for air circulation,  you can comfortably wear long underwear beneath them, they have cargo pockets, [...]

  • A Guide for Women Traveling Abroad

    "You should wear the red dress with polka dots," Wade suggests one morning in Amman. "Really? You don't think it's too tight for here?" I asked. "Nah," he says, "you see what all the tourists wear here." I will of course wear a long sleeve shirt and leggings under the dress, but it still doesn't [...]

  • Clothing in Netherlands

    This is a collection of information about clothing in Netherlands and what clothes a traveler should wear in this country. What types of clothing do people wear in Netherlands? What is appropriate dress here? What is inappropriate? What precautions should a traveler take when deciding what clothing to bring to Netherlands? What is the weather [...]

  • Clothing in Central African Republic

    The clothing in Central African Republic is mostly represented by button up shirts, t-shirts, shorts, and slacks for the men and colorful robes, headscarves, and bright jewelry for the women.

  • Clothing in Niger

    This is a collection of information about clothing in Niger and what clothes a traveler should wear in this country. What types of clothing do people wear in Niger? What is appropriate dress here? What is inappropriate? What precautions should a traveler take when deciding what clothing to bring to Niger? What is the weather [...]

  • How to do Laundry when Traveling

    How do you do laundry when you are on the move?

    This is a good question. In travel, doing laundry can be a relatively expensive procedure if you hire people to do it for you. Many hostels have laundry services that charge between $5 and $15 per load. I am not joking. I have seen European hostels charging the upper end of this price range for the privilege of having your laundry washed in a machine.

  • How to Use Dirty Underwear When Going Through Immigration and Customs

    Dirty underwear and socks can cause a plethora of slight annoyances for a traveler: they have a tendency of disappearing, they are gross to touch, and they have the potential of fouling up an entire rucksack of otherwise nice smelling clothing. In point, dirty underwear and socks are dirty, so what could possible be the [...]

  • Guatemalan Market Video

    Guatemalan Market VideoThis is a video of the Saturday market in San Pedro, Guatemala. It is one of my walk-through-and-film type of videos that are just meant to give an impression of what it is like to travel where the film takes place. I am not a professional videographer, and my camera is a small, [...]

  • Travel Tip 10- Turn a T-Shirt into Shorts

    Turn a T-Shirt into Shorts- Travel Tip #10 This travel tip comes from the highly resourceful nomad Wanderjahr Jill. Read on, and you will be sure to learn how to turn a t-shirt into a pair of shorts. I cannot predict when you will need to use this tip, but, I must say, there will [...]

  • Wash Your Laundry When You Shower Travel Tip

    Traveller Tip #4- Wash Your Laundry While You Shower Meknes, Morocco September 23, 2007 Laundry piles up. No matter how dirty a vagabond you are, and no matter how little clothing you carry with you, a bag full of soiled laundry is not fun to lug around, and it is a daunting task to clean [...]

  • Moroccan Women’s Clothing, Photos and Video

    Moroccan Women's Clothing, Photos and VideoSeptember 22, 2007Homepage: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.comNorth Africa page: http://canciondelvagabundo.googlepages.com/northafricaAn anonymous reader posted a comment on my "I Sidestep a Lunatic and make a Friend" post . She said:"you should take more videos of the people. what do these people look like?? and further more....as I'm about to embark on this crazy adventure....what [...]

  • Pants-less Women in China

    Qingdao, Shandong, P.R. China5.08.2007 To lay to rest any doubts that may be harbored about my musings about Chinese fashions I have put up these photographs. This is a Chinese woman who is not wearing any pants. She is only wearing a long sweat shirt without any trousers beneath. I suppose it is much easier [...]

  • Pants-less Chinese women

    Hangzhou, China04.24.2007Check out this statue checking out this girl.Yellow wine vendorXiaoxing alley scene There seems to be a new phenomenon around China in which many girls have ceased wearing pants. I am not joking. I don't know if they just forget to put them on or if it is the new style, but girls are [...]