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Clothing in Rwanda

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This is a collection of information about clothing in Rwanda and what clothes a traveler should bring to Rwanda when visiting.

Rwandans today wear modern Western style clothing. In fact, much of it is actually used clothing from the West complete with slogans in English and US sports teams logos.

When traveling to Rwanda, keep in mind the warm climate. Light colored clothes in made from breathable fabrics like cotton are recommended. If you are going to travel up to the mountains, you might want to take along a light sweater and rain jacket as well. The Rwandan Tourism board suggests sturdy clothing to protect against stinging nettles if you are going to be trekking or tracking gorillas. Quality, durable shoes are important if you are going to be doing any hiking, but many Rwandans in the cities wear cheap plastic brightly colored sandals. People dress more conservatively in Rwanda than in the US and Europe. Women should be aware that short skirts, low cut tops and very tight clothes will draw more attention to them and, in some cases, might not be appropriate.

Have you traveled to Rwanda? Do you have a specific question about clothing in Rwanda? Let us know your thoughts and experiences about clothing in Rwanda below.

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