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Clothing in Mexico

Clothing in Mexico

The clothes that people wear in Mexico often have to do with what part of the country they are from, their social class, and, if indigenous, what culture they are from. Mexico is a pluralist country, and the clothing of the people represent this. From long woven, colorful indigenous dresses on women to sharp mini-skirts and stylish blouses, the clothing styles in Mexico cover the full range of fashions. For men, the range of styles are nearly as wide, and go from cowboy hats, jeans, and button up plaid shirts to suits and ties. Mexico is a fashion epicenter of the globe.

In terms of what travelers wear, just about anything goes. Just so you are clean and presentable, the clothing restrictions are not too conservative. Travelers can get away with tank tops, shorts, baggy Thai pants, and t-shirts here, but a more mindful appearance will open a few more cultural doors. The hippie sub-culture is big here, so even if you are bearded, dirty, and wear sloppy clothing, there are enough of your brethren here to avoid being completely socially ostracized.

There are also a wide range of climates in Mexico, from warm beaches to tropical rain forest to high mountains. Typically, Mexico is a relatively warm country, but in the highlands expect to occasionally need a coat, pants, and rain gear.

Photos of clothing styles in Mexico

Clothing in Mexico

Typical clothes and fashions in Mexico

Clothing of women in Mexico

Mexican women clothing

Young Mexicans in a park in simple clothes

Clothing in Mexico is often simple and modern

Mexican male clothing

Mexican man in typical clothes

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