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Clothing in Lesotho

Lesotho is not exactly known as a fashion capital. Many people live in animal husbandry and agriculturally based villages and wear clothing that is practical for their lifestyle. 

One of the most common clothing articles you will see is a warm blanket wrapped as a shawl around the shoulders. Both men and women wear this blanket.

Women generally wear long dresses and skirts in bold colors and patterns.  It is also common to see women, especially younger women, in jeans and t-shirts. Women travelers will probably want to wear keep to skirts and shorts that go a little below the knee for modesty.

Men tend to dress in jeans and light long sleeved shirts. Men will often wear big rubber boots for working in the countryside.

Many people wear hats, warm ones when it is chilly and sun hats when it’s warmer.

The Basotho hat is a conical woven hat with a top knot, and is seen everywhere.

If you are traveling to Lesotho, keep in mind that it can get quite chilly at night and in the mountains. Also remember to bring good hiking shoes.


Basotho Hat

A woman in a typical Basotho Hat

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