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Chinese Proverbs and Sayings Podcast

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“Within the four seas all men are brothers.”

“Without experiencing the cold of winter, one cannot appreciated the warmth of spring.”

“The fool does not ask; he who asks is no fool.”

“Better to be a broken piece of Jade than an unbroken shard of clay tile.”

Chinese proverbs are pretty much as ancient as the civilization that created them. For thousands of years the Chinese have been passing down little proverbs and sayings that show the value of education, guidelines for social etiquette, tips for personal fortitude, and answers a wide range of life’s challenges. These one or two sentence quips show the deep wisdom of Chinese culture through analogy, nature metaphors, and citing examples from a long and varied history.

In their book, Chinese Proverbs and Popular Sayings, Qin and Larry Herzberg recently documented a wide range of Chinese proverbs, explore their social implications, as well as draw parallels to similar proverbs that are used in the West. The authors joined VagabondJourney.com for a talk about Chinese proverbs in the following podcast:


The book, Chinese Proverbs and Popular Sayings, can be be purchased through Amazon below.

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