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Check Out This Chinese Barbie Doll With a Detachable Head

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Barbie dolls — or dolls of the Barbie-esque variety — are known for their wide array of compatible of accessories, clothes, add-ons, cars, houses, you name it. But China has given a line of Barbie-type dolls a feature I’m unsure if we’ve all been waiting for: a detachable head.

That’s right, if you get sick of looking at your Barbie’s face you can pop its head off and replace it with another. If your kid brother pops off your doll’s head, it’s OK, he’s just playing along too. I have no idea how far this gimmick goes — perhaps there are entire sets of spare heads that you can buy and interchange like shoes — but this feature really adds another weapon to the arsenal of feminist who like to start sentences with, “You know, if Barbie was a real woman she’d look like . . .”

Guillotine sold separately.

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