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Cheaper Transport from STI Airport to Santiago Dominican Republic

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When preparing to travel into the city of Santiago in the Dominican Republic from the airport (STI) you are presented with a handful of transportation options. The first is a tour bus, which provide connections to the beach resort towns of the Dominican Republic to the Santiago airport, an airport taxi which charges around 18 USD, and a local taxi, which is three times cheaper.

This entry is about how to get a local taxi from the Santiago airport to the city.

How to get a local taxi at the Santiago airport

After exiting the arrivals hall, you will be met by a mob of airport taxi drivers. Walk past them. Walk across the pickup/ drop off road that runs in front of the airport and through a little parking lot on the other side. Then walk down a set of stairs and stand at a little traffic circle that comes off a highway. There should should be local taxis there. If not, then wait for one.

How to negotiate a fare

The airport taxis charge around 700 pesos for a ride into Santiago, so if you can halve this price with a local taxi you are doing well. But I say that you could get a ride to the city center for around 250 to 300 pesos. I took a ride to the Metro Bus station in Los Jardines for 200 — a little less than 6 USD, or a third of what the airport taxis were charging.

Map of where to get a local taxi at the Santiago airport

This is a rough sketch of where to catch a local taxi at the Santiago airport -- basically just walk straight out of the arrivals hall to the highway


If you leave the airport proper you can find cheaper transportation into Santiago from the airport.

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