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Cheaper Bus Travel in Mexico Tip

Cheaper Bus Travel in Mexico Tip

TUXTLA, Mexico- We made our way to a larger bus depot in Tuxtla and immediately began searching for company that serviced Oaxaca. I write this as if it was a simple exchange in travel. It wasn’t.

In Mexico, there is not really such a thing as a central bus terminal where all of the bus companies of a given city operate in tandem. No, very often each bus company will have its own station, which is sometimes far apart from other ones. Although sometimes a city will have what appears to be collective bus terminal, there are usually only a few companies operating out of it, and these are usually only a few out of many options.

This is an organizational structure for bus transport that can be found all through Central America, and if this was the only obstacle to finding a bus in Mexico it would not be much of a problem. The wild card is thrown in on the trump that each bus company in Mexico also offers a particular class of service, which costs vastly different prices.

In point, finding the cheapest bus transportation option can be a challenge for the budget traveler.

I look for buses that look like this

I stay away from buses that look like this

So in Mexico, you don’t just ask, “Where is the bus station?”

Neither do you ask, “Where is the station for buses to . . .?”

You ask, “Where is the station for the cheapest busses to . . . ?”

Least you will find yourself on a first class bus, sitting in a clean and comfortable seat, paying 50% more than you would otherwise. For cheaper bus transport in Mexico, search for the bus companies that offer the lowest class service. Trust me, it is not difficult to tell when you found them (look at photos above).

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