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Camera Review of Canon D10

The Canon D10 camera is a great camera for travel. If you are looking for a durable camera that you won’t have to worry about breaking and takes great photos than I believe this is the camera for you.


While traveling I have found that this camera is the one electronic item in my pack that I didn’t worry about breaking. It can withstand drops from up to 4ft, temperatures as low as 14º F (-10º C), and is waterproof down to 33ft.

This camera has fallen off of my bed onto a tile floor and I have thrown it across a concrete floor having it bounce and roll several times with no issues. I have not had this camera completely submersed in water for prolonged periods of time, however, it has gotten wet from waves in the ocean with no adverse impact. One word of caution is that if this (or any waterproof camera) takes a hard fall the structure of the camera around the hinges of the doors could be compromised and my no longer be waterproof at deeper depths.

Canon D10


The quality of photos is in-line with what you would expect from Canon’s. I personally like the vibrancy of Canon’s colors and this camera doesn’t disappoint in that aspect. The menus are also similar to all of Canon’s other cameras and I found them easy to learn. The speed at which this camera turns on and off is also very quick. If you want to pull out your camera and take a quick photo you are not waiting for the camera to start-up. As soon as you push the on button it’s practically ready to take a photo.


When I purchased this camera I was disappointed that there was no Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) for HDR images, however, there has been a recent hack to give you AEB, live histograms and motion detection as well as several other features that are usually found on higher-end cameras.

In reading other reviews the main performance flaw seems to be some type of lens error. Some report getting a message that says, “Lens Error – Restart Camera” and the camera refuses to start. I’m not sure what causes this problem and even after dropping this camera several times haven’t had this problem.

Canon D10 is waterproof


This is the one area where the camera brings me some minor disappointments. The D10 is bigger than most point and shoot cameras and is bigger than other similar ‘tough’ cameras. This makes it difficult to just put in your pocket and forget about it. I was also not a big fan of the blue color but that’s more of a personal thing. If you aren’t a fan either you can simply unscrew this cover as it’s only a small plastic plate that severs no purpose to the camera. I also don’t like that there is no lens cover. There is a clear plastic plate over the lens and I found myself cleaning this cover frequently to ensure my photos didn’t come out blurred.

I liked the idea of the movable strap that Canon designed. Instead of having one location for the strap you can move it to any of the four corners. The only problem is that if you put the strap on the bottom two corners of the camera it doesn’t have any type of stability when you set the camera down and it will tip over.

I do like the large buttons on this camera. This makes it easier to use underwater or when I was on top of Tajumulco and needed to wear gloves but still wanted to take a photo.

Overall, I have enjoyed using this camera and would recommend it for anyone going on a trip that will have a high amount of activity or uncertainty. You will produce some nice photos with ease and not have to worry about this camera breaking in the middle of your trip.

About the reviewer: Sam from Cubicle Ditcher left a prosperous career in the insurance industry to travel the world. After moving through Mexico, he is currently in Central America looking for adventure.

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Sam Langley left a comfortable and profitable job with an insurance company in the USA to travel the world. He has been going for years, and has not stopped yet. Keep up with his travels on his blog at Cubicle Ditcher. has written 147 posts on Vagabond Journey. Contact the author.