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Transportation in India

Transportation in India

One would get an actual feel of the Indian culture when you commute by a bus, train or cab (“taxi” as they they call them in india). The locals commute by rickshaws which are unique to asia. Commuting by these means can be quite adventurous for the thrill seekers. But if your one of those individuals who would not want to take risks, air travel and hotel rentals are the safest means of travel.

On account of the massive population (oh , you will see a lot of people wherever you travel to in india), local means of transport like buses , trains & taxis are always short on availability. Though traveling is very cheap in India, pre paid and metered taxis/rickshaws available at every location right from the airports, are the best approach for the tourist, as everyone is out to make that extra buck if you let them take you for a ride.

There are historic and scenic places throughout India and commuting to any and every place is convenient if planned well. Do ensure you do not seek out local agents to help you with your commuting woes but approach licensed travel agencies which are aplenty in all cities and especially at market spots in every town.

Traveling at night is as convenient as in the day in the metro cities in India, especially Mumbai.

A bus in India

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