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Bus Taxi Train Travel in Haiti

Transportation in Haiti is very straight forward and easy, if you don’t mind riding with 20 other people in a pickup truck or more than 30 in a minivan. There is not much room to move around it when traveling on public transport in Haiti, but it is cheap.

Buses run at around one to two USD per seat hour, and rides in the back of pickup trucks, called tap taps, go for around 50 cents to a couple dollars. Boat transport is really cheap, and you can get around the coastal area easily and cheaply by boat taxi.

If you can’t speak French or Creole, you can find out the price of transport by taking out a notebook or a piece of paper and asking another passenger to write down how much the ride should cost to where you are going. Usually, the money for a ride is collected en-route, so there is time to get settled and find out the cost from a passenger. This will save you from potentially being ripped off by the drivers or conductors — though I did not experience much of this during my travels there.

In all, Haiti is a relatively easy country to travel in.

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