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  • Digital Nomad: The Difficulties of Blogging with the WordPress App

    Technical errors had resulted in three posts going live prematurely this week. If some posts seemed unfinished that's because they were. To bloggers: beware of the Wordpress Android app.

  • Why I Go to Trade Fairs travel blog business card

    Trade shows can provide travelers with a goldmine of information about the country they're in and the road ahead.

  • Vagabond Journey Returns to Being a Blog in 2014

    It's the in-depth articles that got me to where I am now, but I miss the blogging. Expect a return to our roots in 2014.

  • How To Make A Blog Load Faster? Kill Unneeded Plugins

    How to increase page speed by shedding unneed plugins.

  • How To Use Google Image Search To Build BackLinks

    How I turn copyright violations into backlinks.

  • Google, Please Return My Image Search Traffic

    In January of 2013 Google made a major change in the formatting of their image search results which gorged the traffic of sites that publish large amounts of photos.

  • How I Make Money From My Blogs Via Advertising

    How I make -- and don't make -- money from my blogs through advertising.

  • Old School Travel Blogging

    I've been blogging for nine years, and this profession has transformed completely since I began. We're going back to our roots: old school travel blogging.

  • The Benefits Of Using A Tablet For Travel Blogging japanese-cemetary-2

    I've taken blogging mobile with a tablet. Here's why.

  • You Have to Know That You Suck To Improve

    My three year old daughter sucks at jumping. This is no problem except for the fact that she thinks she's doing it right. She jerks her little body forward and calls it a jump without really lifting her feet off the ground. It's not jumping, but she doesn't know it and she doesn't improve. It's [...]

  • Why Single Topic Blogs are Better

    I recently went onto a blog about social media tips and tore right into the first article it featured. It took me until I was halfway through the article before I realized that it had nothing to do with Twitter, the site's main topics. It was about some horror movie writer or something like that, [...]

  • Don’t Waste Time Styling Your Blog – It’s the Content that Counts

    In this period in the evolution of the internet, where even the most fledgling independent blogger is competing with and being compared to the big boys ticking off posts for corporate web properties it's important -- no, absolutely necessary -- to have a blog that looks good. The internet is like Manhattan, whereas print media [...]

  • Why Haven’t I Been Taking More Photos?

    Quito, Ecuador- Recently there has been a lack in the number of photos I've taken and posted. It's not because I haven't been anywhere of interest or there has been a lack of places that I've enjoyed. Quite the opposite actually. I have enjoyed Ecuador but not for the reasons that makes me want to [...]

  • Digital Nomad or Economic Refugee?

    Are you a Digital Nomad or an Economic Refugee? BOGOTA, Colombia- Digital nomads can recognize each other on sight. This is not to say that there is a secret hand shake, a uniform, a badge, a club card, an insignia or any sort of physical identifier. No, digital nomads can recognize each other because they [...]

  • Vagabond Explorer Magazine Has Arrived!

    Sucre, Bolivia - I don't ready many magazines. Actually, at the moment I read no magazines. I hardly read the news or know about any current events in the world. If it's important enough someone will tell me about it. For example, I first heard of the earthquakes in Japan while hitching in Chile from [...]

  • A New Home. A New Look.

    Sucre, Bolivia- In the past, Wade from Vagabondjourney.com has asked me to transfer my blog and start writing on his site. In the past I've said no. There was something appealing about having my own space on the internet. When Wade asked me again and set-up all the groundwork to make it an easy transition [...]

  • Think Globally Act Locally Travel Blogging Strategy

    I've recently found myself in conversation with two readers about the disadvantages of running a multi-country/ multi-region world travel blog compared against one that focus on only one country or region of the world. I know that many readers who come to VJT regularly are also travel bloggers or are considering making a start in [...]

  • New Affiliate Program Strategy for Travel Blogs

    I must admit that each affiliate marketing initiative that I have taken over the years with Vagabond Journey Travel has resulted in me giving a company a lot of advertising and traffic for very little return. In waves I have added affiliate adverts to this site just to quickly remove them when it became apparent [...]

  • Travel Writing Easier when Travel is Hard

    The Irony of Travel Writing: Easier When Travel is Difficult OAXACA, Mexico- When the going is rough, the content springs from my fingers like a lake bursting through a crumbling dam; when the travel is wonderful and easy, I find less to grip on to and retell. I feel as if I am presenting an [...]

  • Travel Blogging Business Man

    ZIPOLITE, Mexico- I have become a business man, this travel blog is my operation, but what is it that I am selling? Information, entertainment, inspiration. The three elements that make up the front end of writing. This travelogue began in 2004 as a writing exercise, I had no intention of making money from it or even [...]

  • “Following” is Lame. Get Your E-mail Update Today!

    Kate pointed out that she subscribed as a 'Follower' to my blog but wasn't getting e-mail updates to my blog.  This was my fault since I said you would get an e-mail update if you subscribed as a Follower to my blog.  This was my understanding of 'Following' a blog.  I guess I understood wrong.  [...]

  • Writing Room in Guatemala Jungle

    FINCA TATIN, Guatemala- Four walls of unpainted planks stacked end on end, a corrugated steel roof, and a cement floor is all I need. I have extravagance: I sit on a beer crate and my computer sits on two, we both have luxury. I hear voices coming from far away. Far away is the key [...]

  • Commentators are a Blogs Editors

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- There has perhaps never before been such a vast medium of writing in which a person can have thousands and thousands of readers and no editor, no private interests to attend to, no checks, few balances, and, as of now, few hands controlling the strings overhead. As of now, an independent blogger [...]

  • Travel Writing Helps Traveler Understand World

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- I just wrote a travelogue entry where, after writing, I realized that I no longer concurred with my own conclusions. A funny place to be in, I suppose. Something had obviously occurred in between the time that I started writing the piece and the time that I finished: what happened was that [...]

  • Monetization Strategy for a Successful Website

    SUCHITOTO, El Salvador- I have a friend who tells me that the definition of insanity is a person who does the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. I think she may have been trying to tell me something.

    I feel as if I meet this definition precisely as I go into my third year of trying to monetize Vagabondjourney.com to the point that I can make a complete living from it.

  • Verizon Global Data in Guatemala Jungle

    FINCA TATIN, Guatemala- Before leaving the USA I provisioned myself with a Verizon Blackberry with a global data plan. With this device, I can go to just about any country in the world and expect to have access to the internet. I pay in full for this service -- $65 a month -- but each [...]

  • Photo Test

    I'm testing out trying to link my blog to my photo albums on Picasa. I think I have the hang of it and this is the first test. The first album is from a trip I took to Scotland in May, 2009. I've also added a 'Photo Archive' link on the sidebar to see all [...]

  • Sedona Arizona Earning the Right to Write

    A Lesson in travel writing, earning the right to write -- "Oh! You are going to Sedona??? They have The Energy there," spoke the Hyderbad born owner of the Motel 6 in Payson, Arizona. His eyebrows raise with a mysterious sort of intention as he said "The Energy." "Yes," I replied with a laugh, "and [...]

  • Not Quitting Travel Blogging Explanation and Thank You

    An explanation of the ups and downs of travel blogging and a thank you to readers for continuous and constant support. I am nearly embarrassed to admit that I had my ass handed to me during these past two weeks of work. I pride myself on being extremely athletic and physically fit, but the demands [...]

  • Hobotraveler Human Experiment

    There is an odd sort of experiment on humanity going on on the Hobotraveler.com travel journal. I suppose experiment is the best word for it, as it a way to gauge and analyze an odd phenomenon that the internet technology has enabled: comment trolls, people who take some odd sort of satisfaction out of insulting [...]

  • Types of Travel Blog Posts Travelogue Entries

    After publishing more than 1,000 entries on this travelogue as I have traveled through more than 40 countries, I have fallen into a standard operating procedure for blogging. Part of this SOP is that I have been observing the different types of travelogue entries that I publish, have started to evaluated their various merits, as [...]

  • The Joys of Travel Blogging

    I have now been blogging for around four and a half years -- two and a half of which I have averaged more than one entry a day. This has been a lot of blogging -- a lot of writing, picture taking, and searching aimlessly for internet cafes and WIFI connections. In all, on this [...]

  • How to Take Field Notes When Traveling

    How to take field notes when traveling -- If I want to be able to gather enough information to write about in this travel column -- a.k.a. blog -- daily, I know that I need to take good field note throughout the day, everyday. To do this, a good note taking strategy is needed. This [...]

  • Buffer for Travelogue

    At the end of my travels through the Middle East I found myself completely waterlogged with material to publish on the travelogue. I happenstancially began backdating my entries, and realized that I liked doing so.For a long time I always tried to published events immediately after they occurred. This is difficult to do on the [...]

  • Journalist Travel Blogging

    "I would like to see you make a go of being a journalist," my friend Motorcycle Bob once wrote to me. I would, too. If I were to put as much energy into writing newspaper and magazine pieces as I do into this travelogue, I know that I would have a fighting chance at making [...]