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Asus Eee PC Popular with Travelers

Asus Eee PC Popular with Travelers

I picked up a sub 9″ two pound Asus Eee PC laptop on my last run through the USA, and this little computer has fulfilled all expectations that I could have had for it. I have grown use to the small keypad, the tiny screen, and the fact that I have to continuously be scrolling to do anything on the internet. The small size of the Asus now seems natural to me, and normal sized laptops seem like monsters. I must say that this diminutive laptop has picked right up where Old Faithful has left off, with only taking up a small portion of the space that my mighty old Dell once occupied.
Wade from Vagabond Journey.com
in Hodonin, Moravia, Czech Republic
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In point, the inherent drawbacks to the Asus Eee PC can easily be made up for, it just takes a little time to get use to the small keypad and screen size and to use external memory storage devices. The lack of a sizable hard-drive is balanced out by the inclusion of an SD card slot, and I just keep larger sized files on flash drives. As of now, the Asus is working out and holding up to the rigors of travel.

Japanese traveler using Asus Eee PC to browse the internet in a hostel in the Czech Republic.

I must say that this computer is a good piece of travel gear. It can be used just as a regular laptop or as a “web appliance” to simply browse the internet, send emails, or call people on Skype while traveling.

I have also noticed many other travelers using them. I think that I have came across three other travelers with Asus computers this past month. Two of them seemed to solely used the Eee PC for recreational internet browsing, but Tyler from www.abroadandbeyond.org uses his Asus to construct his website. So it seems as if the span of the Asus Eee PC is far broader than its dinky size lets on.

This computer is a little dog with a big bite.

Traveling webmaster using Asus Eee PC to make his website.

After a month of traveling with the Asus, Wade from VagabondJourney.com gives it his official nod of recognition and a hearty tip of his hat – I have no better way to approve a piece of travel gear.

TheAsus computer was created for the traveler.

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