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Archaeology Fieldwork in the United States of America

Archaeology Fieldwork in the United States of America

Submit information and links about doing archaeology fieldwork in the USA. Are you looking for an archaeology project in USA? Have you previously completed archaeological research in United-States and have advice to share? Do you know of a university or research organization excavating in United-States who may be in need of hiring archaeologists or volunteers? Then please submit your comments and links below.

Q and A about archaeology in the United States

I am a college student in NY. I read what you have posted on archeology . Do you have a B.A. in archeology or anthropology? If not, how did you go about getting field work in that field. I am interested in making anthropology my major at school but I have been hesitant because of the job market. I have chosen to be a biology major and go into education and research. How can I still pursue some side work in the field of archeology and still enjoy travel?

Yes, I do have a B.A. degree in anthropology, but I began doing professional fieldwork long before I received it. I took a field school in 2000 and began working the following year. This is not really a typical way of getting into the profession though, as a B.A. is generally needed.

In terms of the job market, I have never had much difficulty finding archaeology projects to work on in the USA. The pay is not high though — expect $11 -$15 per hour plus $30 to $80 per diem for jobs on the road. Also, keep in mind that field archaeology is typically a traveling job in the USA — expect to continuously be criss crossing the country. This was always good for me, as I would be traveling anyway and I sort of like having my room and board paid for me by my employer, but most people tend to burn out after a few years of this.

So if you want to travel and don’t have very high pay requirements, archaeology is a good way to go.

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