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Air Travel to Australia

Air travel to Australia can easily be your largest expense. Flying during the off-season can help cut your travel costs in half. Also, searching for airline deals directly on an airlines website can be the best way to find a cheap ticket.

Due to New Zealand’s proximity to Australia (OZ), travel to OZ commonly includes a layover in Auckland, NZ, and it’s often possible to extend your stay for several weeks or even months if you’re interested in visiting both countries.

Buying a round-trip ticket is generally the cheapest option no matter where you are traveling to. Don’t get stuck in Australia during the southern hemisphere’s summer months without a return ticket if you are planning on flying home around that time. A one way ticket can easily cost upwards of $2000! (Where a well-planned round trip ticket to Australia can cost half that if bought in advance.) Also, changing the date of a flight during these popular months can be unbelievably expensive. Although airlines will quote you a $50-100 fee to change dates, they will also factor in the additional price of the new ticket and add this to your bill, often resulting in costs upward of $1000.

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