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10 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Paris in Style

Paris is full of sophistication. Elegance seems to ooze out of every part of the city. If you’re visiting, you want to be here in style. Why not be like the celebrities and stay in a luxurious Paris apartment or wear your best outfits in the cafes? You never know who you’re going to meet or what will happen next. So, here are 10 reasons why you should travel to Paris in Style.

1# Paris is a City of Fashion

Paris is on par with the likes of Milan for fashion. The locals dress well and you can find all of the top brand stores in this city. Designer shops line the streets and you can also get your hands on some of the latest perfumes and colognes.

2# You Want to Look Good for the Romantic City

If you’re a single in Paris, you never know who you may meet and what it can turn into. I have friends who took a weekend trip, which developed into a long-term relationship. The French are experts at romance and you want to look your absolute best.

3# Experience Paris Like the Aristocrats

The rich history of Paris doesn’t just refer to culture. It also refers to the aristocratic nature of those who once called this city home. People from all around Europe and the world wanted to live here at one point. Paris was and still is a very classy city. Make sure you dress to match this!

4# Enjoy the Champagne Lifestyle 

You can get your hand on high-quality champagne and fine wines at almost every shop or restaurant. Take advantage of this and experience this more sophisticated side of Paris. Go to some of the rooftop bars and sip a glass of bubbly and have that upper-class experience you always dream about.

5# Choose the Right Accommodation

People from all around the world travel to Paris making it one of the most visited cities. This means that the hotel industry is booming. When this happens, the price of accommodation tends to go up and the quality goes down.
I’d recommend that you splash out on some of the nicer places when you’re here. Everything in this city is expensive, including the budget hotels. It’s often better to pay a little bit extra for four or five-stars, which has all of the extra comforts.

6# The World Class Food and Restaurants 

Fine dining is an essential part of life in this city. You can find several Michelin restaurants and upper-class cafes that line the streets. Paris has some of the best food in the world. The food is worth the price in my opinion and it could be a perfect place to make that proposal to your special someone!

7# You Never Know Who You Will Meet

Celebrities and famous people from around the globe come to Paris. Some are here for the latest fashion whereas others just want to soak up the romantic atmosphere. This means you never really know who you may bump into. I’ve seen a few well-known people in some of the bars in Paris and you may too.
Lots of movies are also filmed in Paris. If you’re looking your best, you may be able to join in as an extra or meet some of your favourite movies stars!

8# Look Your Best in the Lavish Palace of Versailles

One of the essential things to do in Paris is to visit the Palace of Versailles. This is a huge and lavish building that’s a short distance from the city centre. The interior in gilded with gold and it really is one of the most impressive places that I have seen.
There isn’t an official dress code to enter, but it’s a nice to look elegant inside such a beautiful palace.

9# Enjoy the Renowned Parisian Nightlife

You can find several bars and nightclubs throughout the city, some are more exclusive than others. A great way to unwind after a day of shopping and sightseeing is to relax with a nice glass of wine or a cocktail. As I mentioned in one of the points above, you never know who you may meet.

10# The Culture of Paris is Unlike Any Other City

It’s easy to get any kind of cultural experience that you desire in this city. There are several museums and art galleries as well as a number of theatres and opera houses. Check out and indulge when you’re here. Book a night at the opera if you get the chance.

The Takeaway Message

The main point is that you’re going to be in Paris mingling with the elegant and dignified. Make sure experience this wonderful city the right way. Take advantage of the culture, fine dining, and high living in one of the most amazing cities in the world.

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